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DIY Your Heart Out with Wonderful Washi

Washi tape it’s been around for a little while now. The uses of washi tape can stretch as far as your imagination. As somebody who loves to do crafts and art projects washi tape was definitely on my list of things to add to my craft collection but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Now that I have found Wonderful Washi my crafting will never be the same.There are so many different ways that you can use Wonderful Washi tape. A few of these limitless projects are: scrap booking, adding color on the ends of bookshelves, toothpick flags, letters on a sign or banner, adding color to vases, decorating notebooks, Creating Wall Art and so much more.

 Why is Wonderful Washi so wonderful?  it can be reused.  Just remove the tape and then use it again or if you screwed up (which I happen to do a lot) you can remove the tape fix it and lay it back down (and it will actually stay put!!). Making Wonderful Washi ideal to use with kids since they are always making mistakes and Washi is so forgiving, just fix and go.
I recently created two projects, my first project was to add some color and pop to a pinboard by my door where all of our cards throughout the year get displayed. Periodically throughout the year I pull the cards off and then the board is just plain and boring. By simply taking some spring Wonderful Washi tape I was able to make the board pop and look nice. Now when the board is empty it’s still decorative!
 Adding the Wonderful Washi to the pinboard was easy. I just measured and placed the tape along the ribbon. Then I made sure that the tape went underneath the pins so that it stayed in place. Finally I secured each piece of Washi tape on the backside of the pin board by placing a piece of regular tape over the washi tape. (Washi tape does not adhere to fabric). It’s simple yet effective and removable so I can swap out the colors at any time making it perfect for seasonal updates.
The next project I did was a little more obnoxious from me personally (I tend to be a perfectionist). I wanted to add some pop to a picture frame. It took me a minute to figure out exactly the placement of the tape whether I wanted it to overlap or just meet. I also had to figure out whether or not I wanted to have the design on the tape be consistent all the way around or change. Again, since I’m a perfectionist I kept removing it and replacing it several times before I was finally happy with the finished product. Having done this a few times now I think that next time I would probably measure before I started to cut the tape out and then work from there.
Visit and let us know what your favorite color or project is, it really can be so hard to choose just one!
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