As we are all aware, the summer is well and truly over! I must admit that I am not a fan of the autumn and winter months because I don’t do well in the cold. And, the weather is getting a lot colder as far as I can tell. One good thing about the changing seasons is that it gives me an excuse to do a bit of DIY. Not that I need an excuse, but it is always good to have one all the same! Today, I am focusing on the bathroom, and here are just a couple of tips to combat the cold.




First and foremost, I would encourage you to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor. Regardless of the size of the job, they are the best people. Plus, they will be able to give invaluable advice for the future.


Switch The Tiles


During the summer, I love nothing more getting out of the shower and stepping on the cold tiles. The difference in temperature is nice and refreshing. However, when it is ten degrees Celsius outside, that is not what I want. So, what I like to do is switch the tiles around. I know that is a big job, especially if you are doing it every three months, which is why I have found a solution. Instead of gutting the bathroom, I simply add carpet. Or, rugs will do the trick too. Anything to keep the cold off your feet the first thing in the morning! Seattle Bathroom Remodel can help you get your rooms looking great. 


Underfloor Heating


Maybe you love the look of your bathroom and don’t want to make a change with regards to décor? That’s not a problem because I have the same thought process sometimes. So, how do you combat the cold without adding or taking away from the bathroom? All you need to do is add underfloor heating. I say all, but it can be a big job. However, you will thank me later when you start to feel the benefits. The heating warms the tiles up, so they are lovely and toasty no matter the time of day. Plus, the heat wafts the nice smells and scents around the room.


Take Away The Blinds And Add Curtains


One of the first rules of interior design that I came across was lighting. If you are like me, you will love natural light flooding your home. As a result, you may choose blinds over curtains. Blinds let in more light and let you control the amount of light, too. When the temperature starts to drop, blinds are not the best option. I am sorry to say, but for all you blinds fans out there, it is time for curtains. The curtains let in more heat during the day because you can draw them wider. And, they are brilliant at retaining the heat at night due to their thick fabric. I know it is only a small change, but it makes all the difference.


Stop The Leaks


On the subject of windows, I would implore you to make sure that they are properly fitted. The last thing you want is the heat escaping. But, a draught will allow the heat to find a way from your bathroom to the outside. Even worse, it will let in cold air. On a personal level, I always go with double glazing.
I hope that helps!

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