Do Blackjack strategies really work?

Blackjack has proved itself to be an extremely popular card game; having stood the test of time and won over the hearts of both casinos and players for centuries. The aim of the game is essentially to get the value of your hand to – or as closest to – 21 as possible, before the dealer, and over the years many people have worked hard to develop basic strategies in order to help them get a little closer to bagging a Blackjack and claiming a win. 

So, whether you decide to play Blackjack online or at your local brick-and-mortar casino, we’ve comprised a short list of some of the simplest Blackjack strategies to see if they really do work. 

Read on to find out more. 

Strategy #1: Never take insurance

Any seasoned player will know that taking insurance on a game of Blackjack is often a waste of time. This is because the payout for the insurance bet is 2:1, making the odds less than those of the dealer having Blackjack in the first place.

Strategy #2: Always split a pair of eights and Aces

It doesn’t matter what the dealer’s upcard is, it’s recommended that you always split a pair of eights and a pair of Aces. This is because, if the dealer’s upcard is a nine, 10 or Ace, you’re in a bad position, whereas having two hands in play puts you in a better position, enabling you to either gain significantly or allow you to cut your losses. 

Strategy #3: Never split a pair of fives or tens

A pair of fives is also a hard 10, so you’ll be better off hitting and taking one more card in the hopes to get as close to 21 as possible, rather than starting back down with two hands at the value of five. In the case of the 10, whilst it may seem tempting to split and play two hands, keeping them together at the value of 20 provides you with an even better chance of winning in many other circumstances. 

Strategy #4: Always double down on 10 when the dealer’s upcard is nine or less

If the dealer’s upcard is nine or less, doubling down on your two-card 10 is always your best strategy. This gives you the edge and will help you well on the way to winning that hand. 

Strategy #5: Never play a six to five Blackjack game

Most Blackjack hands are paid out at 3:2 odds, but in the modern-day, more and more casinos offer 6:5 odds for winning with a Blackjack. More often than not, you’ll find this is the case in a game played with multiple decks of cards, which makes the house edge greater than 2%. So, for higher winning chances, look out for those games with 3:2 odds.

Do they really work?

The question still remains: do Blackjack strategies really work? Well, whilst some of these strategies and tips might work in your favour, ultimately, a game of Blackjack is down to chance and a win is never truly guaranteed, no matter how many strategies you put into play. Ultimately, it all comes down to the cards you are randomly dealt and the choices you decide to make in the hopes of reaching 21, without risking going over.

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