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All You Need to Know About Jade Eggs

We know how dedicated you are about checking Veefresh, but what do you know about jade eggs?

This is the newest trend when it comes to natural remedies for restoring ph, but what are jade eggs for, how to use them correctly, and what benefits do you get from using them? People often get confused when they hear about jade eggs, that’s why we came up with this article which explains everything you need to know about jade eggs.

These egg-shaped gemstones are designed to be inserted into the vagina. We know, it sounds weird, but you have probably heard of healing crystals and their amazing proprieties by now. It goes the same way for jade eggs, as there is the belief that once inserted into the vagina the gemstones have healing properties at a high resonance frequency. Also, because the body must support their weight too, the sellers claim that yoni eggs also strengthen vaginal muscles.

Why are they used? Well, there are multiple reasons why these egg-shaped gemstones have become popular, as enthusiasts claim that they can help you:

  • Reduce the symptoms of incontinence
  • Have intense orgasms
  • The stronger muscles provide a stronger grip during intercourse
  • Reduce the risk of developing uterine prolapse
  • Speed up healing after childbirth

Experts also recommend using these jade eggs for treating strong symptoms associated with PMS or PCOS.

Are these claims proven? No, they are not! There has not been any scientific proof regarding the use of jade eggs being beneficial to the pelvic floor muscles.

Not only they do not help regulate hormonal levels or help cure incontinence, but jade eggs do not even help you build the muscles in that area. You need to contract and relax the muscles to strengthen them, whilst keeping those gemstones inside requires continuous contraction, which can even make matters worse!

Pelvic floor tension is responsible for constipation, pain in the pelvic regions, and even more severe symptoms such as muscle spasms or pain during intercourse. All these “benefits” could be the cause of another common effect – the placebo effect, but there are many other safe ways to improve your sex life and overall health than to use these gemstones.

If you experience incontinence-related problems, then you should schedule an appointment with a specialist, and they will know what to do. There are not many things that you could do about this at home and a specialist will know exactly where to start from. 

By using jade eggs, you put yourself in danger. Many experts advise on the high risk of infection you are prone to by inserting an object into the vagina. The infections could be severe, with many cases of toxic shock syndrome being reported per year.

Although it looks like glass, jade is a porous material, which means it has a lot of holes. Bacteria can grow in the holes even if you washed the jade egg and cleaned it. Also, the fact that this device is made to stay inside the body for long periods means that it will prevent the body’s natural secretions to flush out harmful bacteria.

Experts do not recommend using any kind of jade eggs or similar devices, no matter the material, shape, or type. If you want to use one, at least be sure to follow these suggestions:

  • Choose an egg with a string. This will allow you to remove it safely, preventing it from getting stuck inside the vagina.
  • Choose a small egg first. This way, you will be less likely to experience pain or discomfort while using the egg.
  • Be sure to disinfect and sterilize the egg before use. Experts recommend boiling the egg for half an hour before using it.
  • Never use it for more than 20 minutes. Using the egg for an extended period is a big no-no! Do not even think about sleeping with it!
  • Don’t use it during sex. It can cause tearing in the vaginal canal and other injuries to you and your partner. 

However, there are some types of people who should avoid using jade eggs at all costs. Jade eggs should never be used by pregnant women as they can cause harm to the fetus.

Women who are menstruating should not use jade eggs as it prevents the body’s natural secretion to leak out of the body and that could cause serious problems. Also, women who have an IUD should avoid using jade eggs.

If you suffer from an active vaginal infection or any other type of pelvic condition you should skip using jade eggs.

Although jade eggs were advertised as being used even from ancient times, there is no scientific evidence that these eggs were popular in the past either. Self-titled experts claim that jade eggs are useful for treating incontinence, improving sexual health, and strengthening vaginal muscles, but there is no scientific proof for any of these claims.

Moreover, jade eggs cause more harm than good, by causing infections, injuries, and other possible serious medical conditions. If you are trying to address problems like sexual dysfunctions, then yoni eggs are not the solution for you. 

The best thing you could do for any of these conditions is to schedule an appointment with your health care provider. They will know where to start from, and after running some blood tests and sample tests, they will figure out the perfect solution to your problem. 

We hope that this article helped you clear the confusion a little bit. Jade eggs, although they sound marvelous and almost too good to be true, have little to no evidence that backs up their claimed benefits! Always remember that your health comes first! Don’t let your precious health and body into the hands of some toys advertised on the market as being miraculous!

Make sure you always check in with your doctor before taking any kind of treatment and you should feel better in no time!

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