Do You Need a Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer?


Have you recently been involved in a car crash? Has the damage from the car accident been severe enough to complicate your finances or ability to work? If so, then you might be wondering whether or not you need to hire a car accident personality injury lawyer.

It's always better to hire a car crash attorney, especially when you're trying to receive compensation from the guilty party's car insurance provider. Still, it's worth determining whether or not you need one for your case.

See below for a list of questions that can help you distinguish whether you really need to hire a car accident attorney for your case or not.

Were You Injured?

This is the number one reason that people pursue compensation, along with the damage that a car accident has caused their vehicle. 

If you were injured, then you will almost certainly need a car accident attorney to represent your case. They can help you compile evidence, build your case, and take over communications with those pesky insurance providers.

Any time that you're involved in a car accident and have been injured, you need to start stockpiling evidence right away. A majority of the evidence is right there at the scene of the accident. Once you drive away from it, it can be difficult to retrieve.

Take out your mobile phone and take as many photos as you can. This includes photos of things such as:

  • The injuries you sustained
  • The time of day
  • The street/area where the crash occurred
  • The damage on your car and their car
  • The other car's license plates

Anything you can think of. You'll also want to get the contact information of any witnesses that stayed behind so that your lawyer can reach out to them later for a statement. If you need a car accident lawyer, be sure to find one that specializes in car crashes.

Do You Need Compensation?

Too often, people avoid pursuing legal action because they think it's the “right thing to do”. They may also avoid it out of fear that they'll lose money, which is a common misconception about pursuing compensation. 

Not sure if you need compensation for the accident? Here are a few signs that you should pursue compensation:

  • You suffered an injury (or injuries) from the car accident
  • Your medical bills are piling up (due to the injuries you have)
  • Your car suffered damage that needs to be repaired
  • You suffered severe mental distress or trauma from the incident
  • You've had a loss of wages due to your inability to work

Things along those lines. If your financial situation has been harmed in any way from the crash, you should pursue the compensation that you are entitled to. 

Any time that you decide to pursue compensation, you need to hire an attorney. Otherwise, you're pitting yourself against a professional insurance agency. An agency whose one goal is to get you to settle for less than what you deserve.

An experienced lawyer can help you determine how much compensation you deserve for the damage that was done.

Are You Pursuing Compensation?

Again, we can't stress this enough: if you are pursuing compensation from the car accident, you need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. One that specializes in car crash cases.

It's the only way you'll have full confidence throughout the process. You can tell them the entire story of what happened from start to finish. They'll help you connect the dots between the car crash and injuries or financial setbacks that are directly related to the accident.

Those injuries and financial setbacks will help you figure out the compensation amount that you need to pursue. After that, they will get to work on building your case. They'll use their extensive resources and network to gather as much evidence as possible.

The best part? They'll take over communications. While they're talking it over with the insurance provider you're trying to settle with, you can focus on your recovery.

Do You Understand Personal Injury Law?

Not many people do; unless they've studied it, of course. Just as a point of reference, even personal injury attorneys hire experienced lawyers to represent them in such situations. Why? Because it allows someone with a clearer understanding of the case to do a majority of the work.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer can be a valuable asset during this process. They'll shine a light on the entire situation and what you can expect.

More importantly, they will give you step-by-step instructions to follow while you and pursue compensation. That way, you don't do anything to thwart your case.

Do You Have Grounds for a Case?

If you've suffered damage in any way, then the answer is yes. The sooner that you hire a trustworthy car accident personal injury attorney, the better. After all, you only get one crack at it!

If you hire the attorney right away, it eliminates any need for you to speak with the opposing insurance provider. 

Your lawyer will facilitate all communications with the other side. No matter how long it takes, your lawyer will stay committed to getting the compensation you deserve!

Hire a Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Now that you have seen why it's important for you to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer for your case, it's time for you to hire one right away.

Remember to tell your attorney everything. If you lie or avoid certain pieces of the story, it might come back to haunt you. In fact, it might ruin your entire case.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on personal injury cases, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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