If You're A Person Who Needs To Focus More I Have The Perfect Device To Help You

As you know by reading this, I'm a blogger.  There are times I can sit down and type like it's the easiest thing in the world.  However, there are other times that I get distracted because I can't stay focused.  Having focus is something that is so important, especially if you need to get work done.  I was so glad to start using the FOCI- Focus Wearable.   You're probably wondering what this is, right?  It's a device that you wear and it reminds you to focus, but there's much more to it than that.  This amazing invention can track your emotions, alert you to stress, give you productivity statistics, and more.  So, if you or you know someone that needs help focusing, please look into getting your own FOCI.

Focus Into Success

This little, tiny device clips to your waist and you won't even know it's there.  But, just because you can't detect it doesn't mean it isn't detecting you!  Throughout the day it will monitor your breathing and from there it tracks your emotions.  When you think about it you breathe really fast when you're scared, right?  Well, this uses that same principle.  Imagine the amount of self-awareness you'll have by wearing this.  You can even set it for distraction alerts!  It vibrates to tell you to get busy.  Although, instead of a simple nudge, there are 5 different types that it uses.  You customize which alerts you would like your FOCI to use.  It's all dependent on what you want from your device and essentially, what you want out of your life.

When you order your very own gadget you'll receive your FOCI wearable device, the breathing signal boost belt to wear it on, and the Skill of Deep Focus booklet to help you document everything.  Of course, it includes the USB charging cable too because you can't use it without it!  You'll also need to download the app and this will help you learn everything needed to know about your new toy.

I can honestly say that since wearing my FOCI I'm more aware of my emotions and breathing than I've ever been.  This is helping me because I have anxiety and panic attacks.  It hasn't stopped them, but educating yourself on self-awareness can never hurt!

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