Does Engagement Ring Price Matter?

The price of a diamond ring depends on various factors. If you intend to ask her hand in marriage, your first question might be, how much is a diamond worth?

The first factor to consider is its shape. The best options are round, oval, emerald, and princess. The fancier shapes, like princess and radiant cut are pricier. Round cuts are more popular; hence, you will find cheaper options. The second factor is the cut. The brilliance of the diamond ring depends on its cut. The third factor is the carat weight. It refers to the weighing scale for any diamond. If the weight is higher, it indicates the diamond will be more expensive. Buy one under a full carat if you’re on a tight budget. Color is also a crucial factor. Colorless diamonds are usually more expensive. The grade ranges from D to Z. D is the cheapest, and Z is the most costly. Finally, a crucial factor that determines the price is clarity. It refers to the “natural birthmarks” of the diamond. They’re crucial for authentication purposes. Of course, you want an authentic option.

It might take time to determine which type of diamond to buy. Not all of them would be perfect. You also have to consider what your partner wants. Therefore, the answer is yes if you want to know if the price matters. 

Find the perfect choice

You should look for a ring that will make your partner feel special. While you’re on a budget, you can’t settle for the cheapest ring. You also don’t want your partner to think you don’t care. Look for the perfect balance when looking at the five factors, and you will get the best ring. 

Engagement is only the beginning

Another factor affecting your decision is that engagement is only the beginning. You still have other expenses in the future. When your partner says yes, you have to prepare for the wedding. It will be another significant expense. Of course, you have to play your life together and starting a family will be added financial burden. Look for the best diamond ring that won’t jeopardize your plans. 

It's how you feel that matters most

While you can look into various factors to decide which diamond ring to buy, the most significant one is how you feel. Don’t pop the question because you feel pressure to do so. You should also not ask it if you are yet to commit. Once you decide to propose and buy the ring, it’s the start of the road to forever. Your feelings must be hard, just like the diamond ring you purchase. If you’re still uncertain, wait for your relationship to grow. The worst thing you can do is buy that ring and decide it’s not the right person. 

Hopefully, you make the right choice and have a wonderful life with your partner. Deciding to settle in marriage isn’t an easy decision, and you should take time to make up your mind. 

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