Kayaking is a fun activity, and it could be more exciting if you can tag your dog along. One of the worries many people have is that their pet will not have the experience to get through successfully, but this should not be a concern because you can always train it to ensure it is accustomed to the kayaking environment. It does not take a lot of effort to train a puppy because the learning curve for these animals is short.


If you would like to venture into kayaking with your dog, here are some ideas to train it.

Coax the pet into the boat

Don’t just force the dog into the boat as this will create a lot of anxiety and learning might not be easy. Be gentle and coax the pet into the boat to ensure it feels comfortable. Start slowly and while moving, don’t choose an area with turbulent waters. Begin with the calmest areas then improve pace slowly. Doing this a number of times will get the dog used to the environment and the next time you approach the scene he will be comfortable.

Strap the dog into a personal flotation device (PFD)

While offering the training, you must also remember that safety of the animal should not be taken for granted. For this reason, you should consider using a PFD to reinforce the dog into position while you move. Sometimes the dog will jump into the water, and if you don’t have the quick response it might get soaked so much that you will have to stop the exploration. A life vest will ensure the dog remains afloat if the kayak capsizes of something happens and the dog is pushed into the water. A PFD will ensure he is safe until you get to where he is for rescue.

Familiarize your dog with a kayak

Familiarity creates confidence. When they come across foreign objects, dogs get spooked and might be restless. Something big like a kayak can scare your dog, so you need to first build the confidence to ensure the dog does not get restless. Note that it requires time to train a dog to be comfortable with a kayak. Just spend some time around the kayak before heading into the waters. Once he feels comfortable in the kayak, you can then practice setting off the show several times. Your dog might also enjoy riding on the kayak carrying cart together with the kayak.

Be prepared

You need to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies in place before you get your dog out there. This includes snacks, which could include treats to reward your pet. Also, carry his best doggy toy to enhance confidence. And remember dogs also get burned by the sun, so some sunscreen could be a good way to protect the pet against the harsh rays of the sun. All these measures are supposed to make it a comfortable exercise.


Before you go kayaking with your dog, there are a few things you must observe. These include carrying essentials that can help the pet to remain calm. Observe security guidelines to ensure the dog does not drown in case an error happens. Training is essential to get the dog to familiarize with the kayaking environment. Do it in shallow and calm waters before you move to the deepest ends.

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