We like to take our dog for a walk, and she gets hot and tired fast. This one has a hook I can hook to my clothing, is small (9oz), and easy to give her water as the bottle can come completely out it your dog doesn't like drinking while it is pouring into the bottom holder.

We even take when we go on trips and take trips with the puppy's, this works out great for a water bowl. . You just pull up the water bottle and begin squeezing the bottle and your dog is drinking water in seconds. The water comes out much easier than the Handi-Drink .

This is a handy way of always having a water bowl for you pets during travel. It works well and is conveniently stored in our car trunk. IF we start out on a trip and forget to take a water bowl, this is always available.


Easy enough to use and I don't have to waste water that she doesn't drink with this as I would if I had to bring along a bowl and water bottle. Instead of squeezing the water into the tray, I just unscrew the bottle and pour it into the tray that way. Honestly it's probably quicker than squeezing it in any way. Bella nd the little men enjoy drinking out of it when we are away on trips. The bottle must be positioned perfectly so that it will dispense water.

•Easy to use, portable 17 oz bottle
•fill with water, keep closed until needed, pour into container, allow pet to drink
•Nice design, carrying strap included inside bottle

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