Silver Phantom Dog Collar


These luxurious dog collars are extremely strong while sacrificing no fashion points. They are stylish collars that can surprisingly hold up to 680 pounds of force. These kinds of collars are great for powerful breeds like pit-bulls, mastiffs, and bulldogs. These collars were made to hold the biggest of breeds with the fully welded stainless steel. Most of all these collars are smooth and constructed from 316L stainless steel making it free of irritation. The collars have been constructed around the bone structure of large breeds so you do not need to worry about the metal hurting your companion.

These luxurious collars are not only awesome for your own dog, but would make an amazing gift as well.  Each one of these luxurious dog collars arrives in a velvet lined Silver Phantom Jewelry gift box. The collar comes in a wide size variety which is very nice. Customers can purchase it in sizes from 18″ to 38″ in an attractive natural silver color. Customers can also see the collar both on a dog and on display with the gift box in the gallery when ordering. It is quite easy to see that Silver Phantom has put forth both the time and effort to put together the perfect collar for dogs of larger breeds.

     Chain Dynamics:

20mm Wide Chain – Extra wide Cuban-style designer chain makes this the best pit-bull, mastiff, or other large dog collar around!

Ultra Strong Links – Fully welded links are certified to hold up to 680 lbs – we dare you to break it.

316L Stainless Steel – Solid Stainless Steel metal will NEVER tarnish, rust, or irritate your dog’s skin.

Polished Finish – Smooth, comfortable links won’t damage or pull out fur and make for one cool dog collar.

Sizing – Measure circumference of dog’s neck or widest part of head, subtract 0.5 – 1.5 inches, rounding up to next size (Ex: Dog’s neck is 20″ wide, 20-(.5-1.5) = 18.5-19.5 inches. Round up to choose 20″ collar).


Get your dog a Silver Phantom collar today. Order online at Show your dog off with the security of knowing the chain won't break and as a result, your dog will be looking it's best. Let us know how your dog loves the new collar.

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