We have a family game night at least twice a month, we are very competitive when it comes to playing games, Are you like us and love to play and take out the other person. Then I have the perfect game for you. The Glow Battle game is the perfect game, you are playing against opponents to see who can survive.

Amp up the excitement of your next birthday party, sleepover or other group gathering with an epic glowing battle! Players use (harmless) foam weapons to embark on a quest and compete in up to 10 organized sword fighting games. They embark on an imaginative journey inspired by medieval knights and contemporary ninjas. They work together and defeat their opponents using speed, stealth and strategy. They run, jump, swing and hide. They battle with glowing swords!

All ages have a blast playing together: friends, kids, dads, moms, even grandparents! So simple to set up and use, now we can hit each other with swords to wipe out the other team, so much fun we have been having and a ton of laughs, The bigger the team the more you have to take out to win.


Try not to be hit twice if you are, your done the object is to get rid of all the opposite team before they do it to yours. The girls won when we played. perfect for kids to have a group of friends over and have a blast.

includes 28 Light Up Game Pieces

This premium game kit includes all the lights and batteries you'll need for a dozen or more games:

  • 10 Weapons of Light
  • 10 Glow Wristbands
  • 8 Regeneration Station Markers
  • 10 Gameplay Option Cards
  • Illustrated Instructions
  • All batteries included & replaceable

No additional equipment required!

You pick the teams, put your markers down and decide what gameplay you want to play and start playing, remember hit them before they hit you, two hits your out. Games using the game pieces (light stations, bracelets, and sabers) ranging from 2-20 players and game times lasting 5-60 minutes.

Are you ready to take on the other team, if so this is the game for you?


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