When it comes for me to do makeup, I have to be close to the mirror, I can see what I am doing but also need some help with it, Thats where the perfect makeup reader comes in, these have helped me get the job done without having to look real close.

Cocoa makeup reader. Forget hassling with magnifying mirrors. Take these little gems with you wherever you go and simply switch lens from one side to the other for instant magnification. Matching satin case. AR Coating, spring hinges.

Traveling, in the office, away from a magnifying mirror, then our readers are here to rescue you. Look through one eye and apply makeup to the other. Then flip lenses and repeat on other eye.

These are great and using them has made doing my make up better and easier. Make-up readers with switchable lens avoid any uneven makeup. When you try to makeup your left eyes, you need to switch the lens to your right, and vice versa

These work well enough, and definitely better than trying to blindly put on eye makeup lol. I turn them upside down on my head to put on eyeliner and then upright to put on mascara. Wish they were rimless somehow. Fully magnifying mirror lens, for perfecting and correcting

You’ll be surprised at how easy to use these spectacles are and at how much they will make your daily life easier by eliminating extra steps in your glam process. What an ingenious invention — these glasses allow me to touch up my makeup anywhere, anytime. And they've reduced the amount of time it takes me to put my face on in the morning.

I Heart Eyewear started out of a passion for bringing forth eyewear that creatively reflects the unique personality of the individual wearing them.

Melissa Scoppettone, president and founder of I Heart Eyewear, grew up in the optical business and her dad's company, Ron's Optical. She took over operations of the business from her dad, Ron, back in 2006. Melissa saw a need for timeless and trendsetting eyewear at affordable prices, which lead to the creation of I Heart Eyewear.



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