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Dont Be Drunk Check With AlcoMate Revo


Have you ever been out with a bunch of friends, and you think and feel you all might have been drinking a way to much, well I have the perfect way to tell. The Revo Alcohol Breathalyzer test, us so easy to carry around with you. Better to be safe then sorry and test those who you think need it,

Whats really awesome about this is it can be carried around like a phone, when you feel that need to have someone tested. Its so discreet that you can use it with out any one noticing, anyone can use it all you have to do is change out the stick they blow into. Just blow until the beeping stops, then the reading comes out so you can see, if they are drunk or sober. 


This amazing test can take up to 1000 tests before you need to change, this has the lastest technology in it. It’s sleek, light-weight, and portable. It’s about the size of a Nokia cell phone if you’re trying to gauge the size of the product. The product is easy to use, you can get your BAC reading with a click of a single button. This product is perfect for those who are concerned about whether they will pass a breathlyzer if they get pulled over or if it’s even safe for them or a friend to drive in the first place.

Breathalyzer sensors need to be regularly re-calibrated to ensure accuracy. This process usually means having to send the breathalyzer in for routine maintenance, but eventually the sensors wear out, and the product must be replaced. AlcoMate products have replaceable sensors, so they never have to be sent in, can always be manually re-calibrated, have a longer lifespan and can be returned to day-one accuracy. Think of it as buying a new set of cartridges to replace your dull razor blade rather than continuing to waste your money on disposable razors.

The AlcoMate REVO Fuel Cell Breathalyzer With User-changeable Sensor Cartridge Includes REVO Fuel-Cell PRISM Sensor (pre-installed), 5 one-way flow mouth pieces, 2 AAA Batteries, Carrying Pouch with Carabiner, Hard “Clam Shell” Carrying Case, Instructions, BreathalyzersUSA AlcoMate Dealer Support & The Consumer’s Guide To Breathalyzer Testing, a great overview of how to test properly to help keep yourself, family and friends safe and avoid a DUI.

The best way that people with poor judgement can be told they arent driving, being safe for yourself and them is the inportant thing. There are so many accidents from people, who thought they were not drunk.

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