We all know that weddings are all about two people joining in matrimony. Whether you have a church wedding or a civil partnership, the whole point of the day (and the subsequent party afterward) is so you can celebrate your relationship along with the people who mean the most to you. You may also go into the wedding planning process with the intention of doing something unique so that there's no mistaken that it's YOUR wedding. However, as time goes on, you may find that your big day is unknowingly becoming more and more traditional, or generic. This is something that can be quite hard to avoid, especially as people are so vocal about their weddings, ideas and themes often get stolen! Plus, if you hire a wedding planner, you may find that they try to steer you in a particular direction rather than letting you have free rein the way you might want. The meek among us may sit back out of awkwardness and let them get on with it, but remember: you (normally!) only get married once! This is your big day, and you should be able to have it exactly how you'd like. Here are a few quirky ways in which you can add a more personal touch to your wedding – so it's a day you'll remember as yours forever.

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Personalized save the dates, invites, and favors


You might not consider yourself the most crafty person in the world – but is there anything duller than receiving a generic wedding invite that you know looks the same as everyone else's? Some people have even received wedding invites without their names on, which is of course horribly impersonal and gives the impression that your guests don't matter to you. Instead, consider making your favors and invites by hand, or at least personalizing them via a company like Pure Invitation. Their system includes a useful tool which tracks your budget as you personalize, so you can stop and change things if it's adding up to too much. As far as your favors though, handmade ones do tend to be much cuter, and something your guests are more likely to keep for years to come. If you have a lot of guests and the thought of making all the favors yourself terrifies you, ask your bridesmaids to come over and help. Providing it's not too last minute, they should be more than happy to – after all; it's part of their role in your big day.


Create a wedding hashtag


This indeed proves that weddings have fully entered the 21st century! Think of a catchy hashtag for your marriage (it could be both your surnames plus the year, or something more obscure!) and ask your guests to add it to any wedding-related social media posts. That way, you can simply search the hashtag and voila! All your friend's wedding snaps will appear in one place for you to look back on. This kind of thing tends to capture the imagination of guests, too. Why not decorate a board and easel with the hashtag information on, and display it at your reception? It may even make a good backdrop for pictures in itself!

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Give a bridal speech


Traditionally, the groom is the one who gives a speech at the wedding, thanking the guests for coming and expressing gratitude to his new wife. But these days, there is no need to do things exactly by the book just to pander to tradition (unless, of course, that is your style). It is just as acceptable for the bride to make a speech as well, and it can definitely add a much more personal touch to your wedding day. After all, the bride is one-half of the the reason why the wedding is happening in the first place! Plus, it can be a nice way for you to show some gratitude to your guests and your groom as well. The speeches typically happen either before or after the ‘wedding breakfast' has been eaten, depending on the couple's preference. Don't just opt for a few words printed off a speech-advice website. Think of a few points you want to cover and a few specific people you want to thank, and build your speech around that. Don't be too concerned with remembering anything word for word – it will be much more natural if you just let it flow. There won't be a dry eye in the house!

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