Awwww, the nice summertime weather and the wonderful, cool evenings are here (at least for a little bit longer). It's the perfect time to go on evening walks with the dog. However, where I live, we have a pond. And, along with that body of water comes plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of mosquitoes.  The mosquito issue is so bad in our area, that the town even provides mosquito abatement, but somehow the mosquitoes still manage to multiply and come back with a vengeance.  So, mosquito repellent is a must if you don't want to get eaten alive. And, one way we've learned to stay safe from said mosquitoes is by using EarthKind's Stay Away Mosquito Repellent.

It Saved Me From Getting Bitten By Those Pesky Mosquitoes!

One night this past week my husband and I were going out to walk the dog. He put on our traditional mosquito repellent and I put on EarthKind's Stay Away Repellent. By the end of our walk, he was bitten once and I had absolutely no bites. Needless to say, I am impressed! You may be thinking one bite is not a big deal. But, in the past, one bite on a family member caused their arm to swell for days. So, we really try to prevent getting bitten.

What Makes EarthKind's Repellent A Great Defense?

According to the EarthKind's website, their repellent is friendly to the skin. It rubs in easily and doesn't seem to leave an oily residue. It also doesn't leave a strong scent on your skin, which I appreciate (especially for my dog's sake because the other repellent brand we had been using makes him sneeze if he smells it on us).

EarthKind's repellent is listed as safe for children and pregnant women. And, yet, it still provides 14 hours of protection from mosquitoes and ticks (and up to 8 hours of protection from chiggers, gnats, and biting flies, which I think we have at a nearby lake).  So, I think it's safe to say this product provides quite a bit of protection, which is so important nowadays since we have West Nile virus floating around!

One other thing I really like about EarthKind's repellent is that it also comes in a slimmer sized bottle. The travel size makes it easier to stick a bottle of repellent in your pocket in case you should need it while out and about.

And, what makes EarthKind's Stay Away Repellent effective? Its active ingredient is picaridin, “a bioidentical version of a compound in the long black pepper plant” (taken from product's website). You can read more about picaridin on the EWG website regarding what it is and how it performs as a repellent.


Where to Purchase

You can find EarthKind's Stay Away Repellent on their website where you can purchase it directly. You can also use their “Find a Retailer” tool to find where you can purchase EarthKind near you. Pick some up today before heading outside or before your next camping trip! And, stay safe and happy summer!!

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EarthKind can help protect you from mosquitoes and other pesky pests!

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