When we were growing up our mom had a green thumb, she had so many plants and they all grew to be these beautiful plants, now my sister and I have a black thumb we can't keep plants alive and we have tried.

That where the Airplantman comes in, these are air plants and do not need all that extra love like other plants to do and I feel this we can keep alive better, When we recived it came in a beautiful vessell made from homemade ceramic, and the air plant wired up. This is perfect and fits with our decor.

Came with little pebbles as an accent to this plant. When you first get it, submerge it in water for 24 . Simply spray a couple of times a week, or fully submerge the airplants white they remain in the waterproof frame for a couple of hours, once a week.

Whether it's your bedroom, living room, kitchen or office that needs a nice revamp, these will look perfect in there, they have so many to choose from and they add a great touch to any room and then some. We have ours in the kitchen and it looks great. The design is clean, sleek, minimalist and sturdy. We easily found a spot for it in our new home when we moved recently. It blends in anywhere to showcase my airplants to their best advantage!

Add an accent to your powder-coated aluminum Air Plant Frame with a reclaimed wood outer frame for a beautiful statement inside or out. The wood frame addition fits perfectly around our lightweight square Air Plant Frame. While the Wood Frame remains on the wall, the lightweight aluminum inner frame can easily slide in and out for regular watering and care of your air plants. A portion of your purchase supports air plant eco-system protection with Nature Conservancy.


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