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Don’t Waste Your Opened Wine

No Longer Does Your Opened Wine Have To Go To Waste

Do you know how many times I've bought a bottle of wine and had to throw it out because I couldn't store it properly?  I'm sure you've done this too.  Well, you don't have to waste your opened wine anymore!  The Fridge Wine Saver is here to save your opened bottles.  Instead of trying to fit it into a space in the fridge that it doesn't fit, use this to hold the bottle properly.  It holds it at a slope which means it will fit on any shelf.  No more wasting money on wine that you're going to just throw out.  Not only will this help you, but it makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

They offer two different sizes of wine savers.  The one that holds a 750ML bottle and one for 1.5L (Magnum).  I just have to say, I think they look like a big women's heeled shoe, but that's just my opinion.

Opened Wine Looses Its Taste

I learned something while researching this company.  On their website/blog it explains why your wine looses its taste or dries out.  Apparently, wine is supposed to be stored at a specific temperature, even after opened.  See, extreme temps in either direction can spoil wine and its flavor.  Temperatures above 70 degrees will actually age it more quickly, which isn't something you want after you've pulled that cork.

The perfect temp for wine storage (opened or unopened) is between 45 and 65 degrees.  I don't know about you, but I don't like my hard earned money to be wasted on wine that I've made go flat all because of the climate I kept it in.  I also learned that if you expose the wine to extra cold conditions it can dry out the cork.  Not a big deal you say?  Well, that will allow air to find its way into the bottle(s) and damage it beyond saving.

Great As A Gift

Christmas is upon us, but this wine saver can be given at all occasions.  Birthdays, Anniversary's, Mother/Fathers Day, New Years, and even celebrating a wedding or divorce!  There's no rules when you're trying to save the wine.

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