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Donut Making For Kids

Donut Making Is Fun For Kids But So Is Learning!

When my grown kids were little they loved to bake with me. I used to let them come up with their own concoctions, even if they were a bit “interesting”. It gave them a sense of independence and confidence, which every kid needs. I was so excited to receive a baking kit because I have granddaughters. This baking kit is more than just fun, it incorporates learning and skills. I'm The Chef Too! sent me their Galaxy Donut Kit and I loved baking with my granddaughters. They even took turns pouring in the ingredients! We had so much fun plus they learned about stirring, blending, mixing colors, etc. Everything is already measured, so I didn't have to worry about that.

A Baking Kit They'll Love Because It's So Easy

This incredibly thought-out baking kit has everything you need! The kit includes 1 Adventure Recipe, Pre-Measured Dry Ingredients, Specialty Supplies, and an Activity Guide Card. I was impressed with the silicone donut mold because it made the process so easy. If you know anything about STEM learning this is the kit for you! One thing I really loved about the dry pre-measured ingredients is that the 4-year-old could help too. It was simple for her to simply empty the bags into the bowl and help stir. The 11-year-old was able to help out with the harder steps such as pouring the batter into the molds and dipping the donut into the yummy glaze. They both had a blast!

Bonding Is So Important

Kids are only little for so long and they grow up so darn fast. Bonding with them while they actually want to be around us is so important. You know how they get when they reach the teenage years. Baking is one of those bonding activities that they will love. Not only will they love it, but you're making precious memories that will last forever. Most of the time kids simply want time with their loved ones. It doesn't take anything expensive, just quality time. My granddaughters know when Nana comes over to visit we are going to be bonding and having a blast!

The holidays are coming up fast! You can order your very own baking kit by simply clicking on the links I've provided.

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