Your dorm room in college.  The first time many have been away from their parent's home aside from the occasional sleepover or summer camp. It is basically your first experience kind of living on your own, or at least living with a roommate which many people end up doing anyway so good practice.  Of course, the one thing you want to not do is annoy your roommate.  There is some etiquette involved, mostly to the point of when people are sleeping. You do not want to disturb people's sleep!

Now I know myself I fall asleep early but then am up and ready to go for a few hours which is when I burn the midnight oil so to speak (well in my case the 2 am oil) and do some things when I cannot sleep. I have always been a poor sleeper, but others are not.  Until I wake them up.  When I am in hotel rooms with people I know I have a huge issue because most of the time I like to do stuff and they don't want any part of the light being on or noise.  Here are a few things that can let you be your productive self without disturbing any roommates!

Panther Vision has a few different options as far as lighting goes.  Whether you are reading something or just want a little extra light, these can totally help you out so you can see but you don't have to turn on the light, thereby annoying your sleeping roommate or go sit out in the hall when it is cold and stay snuggled up in your bed!

They have a Powercap which as you might have guessed is a cap with a light.  If you use readers to magnify text for those textbooks that have such little print or even books that you are reading so you do not have to hold it so close to your face, they have LightSpecs which not only acts as readers to magnify things but has a light on each side so it pulls double duty by helping your read things better, especially tiny print, and can offer the light.

They also have Button Lamps which are really good for anywhere, stick them on the side of your bed on your wall and just hit the button for light or you can put them in a container you might go through a lot to store things so you can find what you are looking for easier, you just press the button and let there be light!

Now that you are being a considerate roommate, you can be popular too with the Creative Halo portable Bluetooth speaker.  This plays music obviously but also has programmable lights so you can have your own light show with the music.  Plus since it is portable and light, you can bring it anywhere with you so whether the party is in your dorm room or somewhere else you can always enjoy good music with great sound and a light show.

You will be a perfect roommate, considerate and polite trying not to disturb your roommate but able to bring the party when it is time (just not when they are sleeping!!).

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