If you’re wondering how you can accessorize with jewellery and get it right every time, this post will help you. Here, we talk about the dos and don’ts for accessorizing with jewellery. Enjoy!


Do: Mix Up Your Metals

Some people say you shouldn’t mix up your metals, but this is false! Feel free to mix up your metals as much as you want. There are some tips that can help you to do it out there, but you can just experiment and see what works for you. If you want to wear rings of different metals, consider keeping one metal colour to one finger. You can find lots of pictures online to inspire you!


Don’t: Make Your Look Cheap Or Garish

Make sure that you’re not starting to look cheap or garish as you pile on your jewellery. If you mix too many statement pieces, metals, and styles, you can begin to look a little strange. It’s up to you how you express yourself, but it’s a good idea to stay mindful of this.




Do: Layer Rings/Bangles/Necklaces

Try layering your rings, bangles, and necklaces for a cool look. You can toughen up your look this way, or even make it a little more boho. Wearing rings at different levels on your fingers looks great. You could even try to add in something antique from somewhere like www.kalmarantiques.com.au. Wearing both shorter and longer necklaces can look great too.


Don’t: Forget To Look At The Shape Of Your Outfit

Make sure you take the shape of your outfit into account before selecting your jewellery. Your jewellery needs to fit in with things like necklines and sleeve lengths, or it may not work at all.


Do: Focus On Your Best Features

Make sure you focus on your best features when you accessorise. If you have nice hands, then wearing lots of rings could be a nice idea. If you want to show off your facial structure, a special pair of earrings could be just the thing you need.




Don’t: Be Afraid To Experiment

Although there are lots of different ‘rules’ that you can use out there to guide you, you should never be afraid to experiment. One of the best things about accessorising is finding your own signature style and a look you love. If something doesn’t work for you, just learn from it next time.


Do: Make A Statement

Make a statement with your jewellery. Wear a big statement ring or a big statement necklace. You can even mix statement pieces together, but it can take a brave person to do it!
Some people like to think of accessories and jewellery as sculptures for the body. They use them to enhance their overall look, like a work of art. Getting dressed and looking how you want to look should be a lot of fun. Use these tips to help you and have fun getting ready every day! Leave your own tips below. Thanks for reading! Dos And Don'ts For Accessorizing With Jewellery

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