If you have a son, grandson, nephew, male cousin, then chances are they love dragons and ninjas.  Heck, even I like dragons.

SpringGreen green dragon from My Block Stars is a great addition to any collection of dragons that the little boy in your life might have.  It is sold as pictured with the accessories shown.  These days when so many good old fashioned toys are being cast aside for electronics and screen time, it is refreshing to see something that will enable children to use their imagination and play act out things.  Maybe they want to be the hero and defeat the dragon, or maybe they want to be the dragon and destroy something – the sky's the limit.  The creative part of children's brains these days really is not used enough with all the video games and apps.  They need something that they can touch, feel, act out, and this is perfect, especially for anyone who loves dragons.

They also have other dragons in other colors, ninjas (a ninja and a dragon make an awesome pair!) and they even have girl ninjas because after all, girls can like them just as much as boys but maybe you want to get them a more girly one than you would get for a boy, but either way there is an option.  Maybe the boy ninja needs a wife so you might want to get a whole family of ninjas!  Plus, why should the boys have all the cool stuff and all the fun?  Not only could you have your ninja ride a dragon, but they even have canoes and bicycles so your ninja has a ride for every occasion!



Next time you are thinking about a gift or maybe an end of school year present for moving on to a new grade, instead of reaching for a video game or some other electronics, give a gift that will help their imagination grow and let them play act their own scenarios over and over.  No two times will be alike when they use their imagination! Check out the green dragon and all their other products in their catalog and help little minds develop into big ideas!

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