I bet this title caught your attention.  I didn't mean it to be click bait, just thought it sounded cute.  Drink naked.  Naked Turtle White Rum, that is!

I find rum to mix so well with so many different things. Of course there is the as old as time drink of Rum and Coke (or Diet Coke as the case may be) and probably one of the first drinks anyone has because it is so well known and easy – you take any cola, put some rum in it, and there you have it.  You can almost guarantee at any given time you will have cola on hand which makes it the most foolproof drink out there – I can tell you how many times I run out of juice or other ingredients to make drinks but somehow cola in one shape or form always seems to be handy.

Some people say if you are not drinking a liquor straight it does not matter which it tastes like.  I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree with this.   If it has a bitter taste or too much “bite” by not being smooth or leaves an aftertaste in my mouth you can bet I will be able to tell no matter what it is mixed with.   I cannot tell you how many times when I would buy liquor someone would ask if I was drinking it straight or mixing and try to get me to buy something really cheap and not so good just because “it is going to be mixed anyway” and they feel you reserve the good stuff for drinking it straight.

Naked Turtle White Rum not only tastes good but it is reasonably priced so right there it covers both aspects for those who really do not want to spend a lot of money on liquor that they will be mixing, and that is a personal preference and I begrudge no one for feeling that way.  Maybe I have a sensitive palate whether something is straight or mixed. If I can't drink it straight I do not  mix it.  That is just me. With Naked Turtle Rum, it is good either way and as mentioned the price is so good I feel like I am getting over on somebody!

If taste and reasonable price are not enough to try it, add to the fact that every bottle saves a baby turtle and my bleeding heart is so happy to purchase it! They have already saved over 270,000 turtles with their partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservatory so this point is an added bonus.

Check out Naked Turtle White Rum  for yourself and see how they help the turtles and where you can purchase it for yourself or for your hostess at a holiday party! Rum goes with a lot so it is a perfect thing to bring when everyone else is bringing bottles of wine, plus you are helping baby turtles!

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