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I can’t stand most of the conventional sports beverages and I have never really found an electrolyte enhanced drink that didn’t taste horrible to me. I was hesitant to try Drip Drop, so I started small. I started with 1/4 of one packet (meant to go in an entire bottle of water) per bottle. Pretty tasty. Then I bumped it up to a half packet and eventually a whole packet.

I like Drip Drop. It has a nice, tangy lemon flavor. It isn’t sweet and tastes rather like lemon and not lemon flavoring. Drip Drop does have a bit of the salty taste that’s requisite in any sports beverage, but it isn’t overtly salty. I must admit, it tastes pretty good. The reviews were good. Everyone seemed to like the taste. We all thought it had a nice, light lemon flavor and wasn’t overly salty. Those of us with sensitive running stomachs tolerated it well.

And since almost everyone has been so sick in the house I decided to use this to keep them all hydrated, everyone loved it and had nothing bad to say about it .

Drip Drop initially appealed to me because it’s a company with a great story. Drip Drop was started by Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, a physician in California. As the story goes, the idea came to him while he was a medical student on a mission in Guatemala. While on his medical mission, Dr. Dolhun saw previously healthy children die of cholera, some who were so dehydrated that doctors were unable to find a vein for the IV therapy that might have saved their lives. This experience led Dr. Dolhun to become a proponent of oral rehydration therapy (ORS). The problem with ORS is that the optimal balance of glucose, water, and electrolytes often results in a disgusting, salty beverage that no one wants to drink – let alone drink when they really need it. So, Dr. Dolhun set out to create the product that would eventually become Drop Drop, a fresh tasting, enhanced ORS

Here’s what I like about Drip Drop:
◾It comes in nifty little packets so you can add as much as you like and control the taste. For those of us who are salt-averse, this is a huge advantage over the pre-mixed or tablet variety sports drinks. I think I will be more likely to use it because I can control the amount of powder I mix in, making the taste palatable for me.
◾It has a nice, light lemon flavor that isn’t sweet. This is great, because nothing tastes worse to me on hot long runs than sugary sports drink. I am sure the light lemon flavor will be wonderful when it’s really hot and humid.
◾It made me feel subjectively well hydrated. Granted, I tried it in the winter, but I did feel like I needed less water after my run. I am looking forward to trying it out this summer. My usual strategy of drink tons of water could stand to be improved upon.
◾It didn’t have any adverse gastrointestinal effects. Need I say more?

To get more info about the company do so here .


The nice people at drip drop has offered one of my lucky winners a chance to win a month supply of drip drop to try for themselves, enter below and good luck.

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