Tips for Driving on Country Roads



Driving on city roads and cruising along country roads are two different matters altogether. The latter is usually quite narrow, rough, and winding. Moreover, you never know what to expect in front of you – an animal or a truck! You have to be very careful when you drive here – this isn't the time to show off driving skills.

  • Stay alert at all times and don't get distracted. It is easy to put on music and lose yourself in it, but on country roads a split second late might lead to an accident! Concentrate only on your driving till you reach the destination.
  • Don't make the blunder of simply checking out the road in front of you. It is necessary to look around the car as well. This way you will be able to anticipate crashes before they occur.
  • Overtaking on country roads is quite difficult due to the roads being winding and narrow. Do it only if you feel that it is safe, or else just remain where you are.
  • While traversing dirt roads, you have to adjust the speed accordingly. It is vital that you are comfortable while driving and are in complete control of the car because such roads bring forth various hazards such as pot holes, dirt drifts, or debris, dust and flying gravel. Drive at slow speeds if that suits you.
  • Country driving generally entails long distances so you should ensure that you take proper rest right before setting out. Taking regular breaks is also a must.
  • If you see warning signs in indicating that there are animals in the area, keep a sharp lookout for them. On the other hand, if you happen to spot wildlife at the side of the road, reduce speed and let the animal cross before proceeding.

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