I have always used the laundry soap that you dispense from the container into the cup and thought that was the only way detergent came. So, you can imagine my great surprise when I discovered this next company

Dropps is a company that offers laundry detergent…in a small packet that dissolves and releases laundry detergent into your washer! I have seen this idea associated with dishwashers, but never with washing machines and I think that it is a GREAT idea!

So, Dropps is convenient. No mess, no over or under measuring and no spills. Each packet contains enough laundry detergent for one regular load of laundry. Simply throw the packet into your washer (not into a detergent cup measure) and it dissolves…releasing the detergent. It also doesn't matter what kind of washer you have…Dropps works in all washers. Temperature is no issue either as Dropps are great for any water temp!


Dropps are pre-measured pacs of liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener that you just toss and go! No measuring, mess or heavy jugs. Learn more at www.dropps.com. Call our customer service line at 1.800.355.9274 (US only) or e-mail info@dropps.com.

Company Overview

Introducing Dropps – an innovative liquid detergent that makes laundry “laundr-easy.” Its super-concentrated formula fits in tiny pre-measured “toss-and-go” dissolvable pacs. Once unleashed in your washer, it's tough on dirt, but easy on your favorite garments. And the (third) best part? It's great for the environment, too! By removing the harsh chemicals and water, we removed the need for bulky plastic bottles and the energy that comes in marking and shipping them. That's a lot of big steps to a smaller footprint.

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Check them out at   http://www.dropps.com/

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