Dropps were designed by removing the enzymes so fabrics could stay soft, vibrant and prevent fibers from breaking down. Their tough on dirt, but gentle on fabrics. Dropps are convenient, dissolvable pacs that are pre-measured to so it takes all the guess work and measuring out of laundry. Not only convenient, they’re also environmentally friendly being phosphate-free, chlorine-free and NPE-free. Using less water, less plastic, less space, and less cost to ship, Dropps leave less mess in the landfills and a smaller footprint on the planet.
I received 3 different packages of Dropps pacs to review. Each package contained 2 pacs; Fresh Scent, Scent and Dye Free, and Baby Scent, Dye and Enzyme Free.

They are small and simple to use. All I had to do was toss one pac for one regular load (2 pacs for heavy loads), directly into the washer drum before adding my clothes and start the wash. That’s it! They dissolve quickly and are HE (High Efficiency) compatible and standard washer friendly too. They worked perfect with my HE washer and I was happy that my clothes came out fresh and clean, even from such a tiny product! There was no residue or film left on the clothes or inside the washer and the scent from all of them is clean. We had no reactions to the detergent, and the Baby scented Dropps were perfect for the kids and their sensitive skin and is also approved EPA’s Design for the Environment (Dfe) program. There was no colour fading of the clothes with any of the Dropps and I still can’t believe how much more convenient doing the laundry is when you don’t have the hassle of measuring and the spillage that can sometimes come along with it. We took them with us when we went away for 9 days and they came in handy.


Would you like to try these for your family? If so check out their retailer’s. You can shop online or directly in the store, in such places as Wal-mart, Publix, etc. They average price is around $7.00 for a 20 pack load, and go up to $24.o0 for an 80 pack load. You can also purchase them on their website.

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