There is nothing worse than being in debt.  I am not talking about the, “Can I borrow 20 bucks until I get paid” type of debts where you owe someone a little bit of money.  I am talking about the crazy debt that having credit cards gets you in where you feel like you are drowning in it and you will never get out.

I know from experience.  You get one credit card and it is like such a rite of passage.  You pay it off every month without fail and are so proud of yourself and how much of an adult you are handling the credit card and being responsible! Then, you have to make a car repair.  Or Christmas rolls around.  Or  various other things that come up.  You use your credit card but now you can't possibly pay it off in one shot. That is where they get you.   You pay the minimum payment.  IF, and that is a huge if, you do not use the credit card AT ALL until your next statement comes in, you find that your balance has not even gone down so what did you put that money towards last month?  Interest.  UGH! It is a vicious cycle and you can never get ahead.  Then you decide to get another credit card, maybe because of an introductory offer or to consolidate a few, but again, you never seem to get ahead or make even a dent in your balance. Believe me I have been there, it has been a vicious cycle for me.  It is also very embarrassing when you see that most of your money is going to pay credit card bills yet they are still so maxed out that you cannot buy anything else because you have no money because you are trying to do the right thing and pay your bills.

There is relief in sight.  Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC, is a debt settlement program to help you get out of debt once and for all.  It is not a quick fix but way quicker than trying to do it yourself.  I wasted so much time trying to handle things myself because I was so embarrassed that I let myself get to where I was and how much debt I was in.  I wish I had not waited so long to enroll in a program like this.

You will find that most of the balance you end up paying is interest and not the principal, or what you actually charged. I would make a conscious effort to pay more than the minimum every single month and where was it getting me, because even not using the card the balance never seemed to actually go down too much. How can I ever pay this off if the balance refuses to go down?  It is frustrating and when I tried to cancel the credit cards I found out that they would still charge me interest, stupid me thought if I canceled it the interest stopped and you just needed to pay off what was the balance owed at that time.  Yes, I was dumb or maybe just trying to make myself feel  better thinking that.

Call them, they will give you a fee, no-obligation consultation.  That is how I started. The more I thought about it the more sense it made to do it and just get this under control because doing it myself was not helping any, and I really did not want to file bankruptcy.  They are a member of the American Fair Credit Council.  You can also check out their Facebook page.  The hardest part is starting, believe me.  Once you do, you will be glad you did something instead of worrying yourself over it.

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