Another great part of being a blogger is you always get some kind of surprise you never expected, recently I received the DuraVision Pro having no real idea what this was , we were surprised and happy. during the colder months we love to go away to Tennessee this will come in handy when Ronnie and Ray go outside  to check things out.

The various flashing modes make this an ideal light to make people take notice of your presence. And let people know if somethings wrong. Very bright and vivid flashing with different flash modes that I feel like should be sufficient to alert motorists. I use it for night road running in the winter during very short days.

I would like to say the Dura VisionPro (sx-600) is the greatest safety light I have ever had the pleasure of using. The best feature it can clip on to your shirt, pants, belt, back-pack etc., etc very securely. It has three flash setting: solid, flashing, and blinking in a circle sequence. The on/off button is great due too its yellow can can be seen as to being a black on/off button. Folks please by this product you will not be disappointed period. The battery can be easily be replaced with a small flat screw driver.


DuraVision Pro, a company whose mission in life is to help make our customers lives more fun with safety.

Our products are designed using the latest in technology. Our products have become “the best” because we listened to our customers. Countless letters, stories and comments from our customers have been instrumental in the development process for each item. We love this light and cannot wait to use it up in the smokey mountains.


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