Save yourself from bugs this year with DynaTrap

Spring is int he air for some of us. Which means Summer is near! That means one thing for this girl a lot of bugs and flies from the farm animals.  Thanks to DynaTrap the insects will be taken care of in our barn. However, I may need a few for around the house.

Save yourself from bugs this year with DynaTrap

DynaTrap is ready to use right out of the box. You do have to plug it in to have it work. So make sure there is a power outlet or a power cord to the spot that you want to use it.

As some know, we have a small farm with farm animals. With farm animals comes flies. Not only do they bug us, they are bugging our horses and our donkey. We decided to put the DynaTrap in our barn to help us get rid of some of these flying creatures. We hung it up and made sure to hang it high enough the horses wouldn't be able to touch it. It worked well. I do have to get a ladder to empty it out. However, I think I need to order two more so each animal has one in their stall. Plus I need one for outside my door to my house.

I swear these creatures congregate near my back door and my barn. Nothing is more irritating then being divebombed by moths or flies. And can we talk about these flying ants? Seriously, they need to be dead. I can't stand them. I freak out so much when they land on me. What's worse is that these flying ants get into my house!!! How?!?! I am tempted to get a DynaTrap for my bedroom too.

One of my friends came by our house and they noticed our DynoTrap. They told us that out of every bug zapper they have owned, the DynoTrap is their favorite. It was nice hearing from a friend how much they like this trap. If you are looking for something to kill the flying creatures around your house, I suggest the DynoTrap! You can thank me later!

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