E-cig maintenance tips you need to know



Like every other device, your vaping device counts on you to take good care of it if you are to lengthen the durability of the device. Poor maintenance can lead to blockage in the vape airways and besides failure to clean properly progressively reduces the quality of smoke you get when vaping. Once you have found your ideal vape device design, proceed to choose the e-liquid that best suits your device. This here is a guide that you will find instrumental if you want to enjoy vaping and also make sure your Vape Pens | The Vape House serves for longer than you had expected.

Clean batteries

Failure to clean batteries is the reason why any vape device will start to malfunction. The batteries of a vape must be cleaned specifically from the debris and the juice remains when you are smoking. You furthermore do not want to walk around with a dirty vape when you often vape in public. You should never skip to clean the contacts in order to get good care of the mod batteries and get value for your money at the end of the day. You only need a tissue paper or bud to clean your batteries by wiping not just the inside but the outside of the battery screw part.

Store batteries from extreme temperatures 

On any battery, you will be cautioned on how to dispose because these items can easily explode. Vape batteries are very sensitive and you should beware of how you deal with them. There are numerous batteries that will explode once exposed to high temperatures. This should make you choose the best storage devices that you can use for the same to make sure you are safe from any harm it would have caused you.  You furthermore need to be cautious how you store it or the duration of time that you charge it for better performance.

Avoid overcharging 

A lot of vape users have the habit of leaving their devices to charge overnight. While this is not even recommended for your phone, it can be disastrous when you do it for your vape. These smoking devices need supervised charging to avoid damaging the batteries. You will have to be alert to remove it from charging once you get that charging full notification. For those who charge their devices with USB cables, avoid sharing and using new cables as they might give more charge to the batteries making them weak eventually.

Store batteries carefully 

Vape or mod batteries are often very sensitive and should be stored properly. These batteries can easily explode especially if you keep them in your pocket where they can touch with other metallic items like car keys and coins leading to explosion. Upon purchase, you will be given special carrying containers where you can keep you mod batteries safe until when you next need to use them. This is, however, only for the mods that come with separate batteries from the vape itself.

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