When you have a website and especially a business through your website, you know that the customer is the key to success.  No matter what you do or how great your product or service is, if you do not have the customers you really have no chance of succeeding.  You want your website to be the simplest and most user friendly for everyone, whether they are the most tech savvy person on the planet or can barely type without searching for each key and using their one finger to navigate and type.


Guided Tour eliminates the need for a developer and extra money and time to set up your customized onboarding system.  It has an easy to use platform which makes it very simple to set up a personalized program quickly and easily.  What is the most amazing thing though is that their guided tour software knows that some features are more relevant for each customer/user.  No two customer/users are alike, they all have different needs and wants and are drawn to different features and User IQ calls attention to those features that each customer would be drawn to.

As a customer/user myself, I can tell you that nothing is more frustrating than having to hunt and search for the information I want or need and I get frustrated very easily.  Some people (okay probably most people) have more patience than me, I am the first to admit that mine is low and I can easily give up if I am not getting the desired information or results that I want, and when you have a business that is the last thing you want.  Anticipating your most difficult customer/user (like me) needs is definitely what you want to do, because those people with more patience will stick it out and keep going to get the results they want whereas someone that gets flustered very easily, especially when it comes to navigating websites, might just decide it is not worth it.

Behind the scenes too User IQ is helping you to understand what features are being used, and what are not being used, so you can get a broader picture of what is working and what is not working so well and what features people are gravitating toward.  This way not only do you have the personalized aspect but also how the features are being used by the majority, this way if you know that a certain area is struggling you can fix it.

We are only human and it is hard to anticipate every need and how everyone will react to certain things or use certain things.   We just cannot keep track of all data and usage to figure it out, so how great is it that a program can do it for you and probably anticipate things that you would never even think of on your own.  It is amazing how technology can figure out the simplest thing and position your website or business to be as successful as possible and keep people coming back.  Check out User IQ for yourself and request a trial or schedule a demo.

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