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Ear Buds That Are Perfect

When it comes to music, we all have different tastes, and none of us want to hear the other's music, that's where my Voyager Free 60 earbuds come in. I can wear them and not hear anything else around me. If your like me you want to hear your music, not what's going on around you.

What I love about them is when I am on a call they are always loud and clear. you can use them to listen to your playlists and each earbud has a three-mic array that triangulates your voice and all you hear is what's going on in your buds loud and clear.

Wearing these all day is great they are lightweight and come in three sizes, and you can control them from the charging case, that's amazing in itself. They are made for maximum comfort and advanced sidetone technology. that will keep you aware of how loud you are speaking and keeps your voice from straining.

As I have said that everything is controlled by the charging case, you get a good 5 hours and more worth of charging before you need to charge it again. Thats what makes these the perfect earbuds, the case alone is amazing, and charging them is easy at that.

Button for Bluetooth® pairing, Call
Answer/End (for mobile calls), Play/
Pause (for media), Voice Assistant, etc

During Calls
• Users want to reduce the noise around them with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
• Users want the confidence that its only their voice the far end hears and not the
background noise

Everything you need in one case and I love that you can do almost everything from the case, and it's compact to fits in my purse. You should try these out you will be as amazed as I am.


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