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Earplugs That Deliver The Best Sound


For the holiday season, I wanted to get my neice some great headphones. She goes through them so fast anfd this time I wanted to make sure they would last her. Edifier makes some of the best engineered earphones. They are well known for the clear sound they put out.

Whats great about these, are they come in 4 colors, so you can make a fashion statement no matter what color you choose. These are designed with a oval ear tip, so it will naturally fot your ear. And the best part is you can wear them all day long, and they are so stylish too. These are also designed with a 15 degree outward line tilt With this they are built to inprove the sound isolation , giving you the best audio experience ever.

These earphones fit further in your ear and closer to the ear canal. The silicon creates a natural seal that allows you to hear your music louder without having to turn it up. The sound that comes out of them is great, my neice uses them with her phone, and her IPod. She doesnt need to play them loud and she can hear them so good. They deliver the most outstanding sound experience, with a wide range of sound systems.

These earphones are great for listening to your music, podcasts or audiobooks on your device. These earphones are supported with any device with a 3.5mm jack. Such devices include Samsung, Apple, HTC cellphone smartphones. These earphones are also available for tablets such as the iPad.
This is a basic set of earbuds – no micropone, no hands-free functionality. If you are looking for a set of earbuds that work as a hands-free set, this is not the set of buds you need.



They come with 3 ear tips that you can affix to the bud in case the tips that come attached are either too big or too small to fit your ears.hey are different sizes, in case you need a better fit. I've listened to different genre of music through these, and the sound has only impressed. The bass sounded really good, as well as vocals. It didn't matter what type of music I played. These are even great with audio books because of the clarity. The great sound comes from their internals: 9mm Neodymium Magnet drivers and 6 micron diaphragm.

These will make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves music. great to use for your IPad while watching movies or listening to music.

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