Sleep Easily is as easy as pie. How would you like to be sleeping better the first night of using this recording and mp3 player? I love the all the sounds and even the voice. It has several sounds to choose from and you can even choose whether you want a male or female voice. I have found this so soothing that not only do I fall asleep easy but I also stay asleep the whole night. I really like that Sleep Easy is a drug free alternative to help me fall asleep. I can even use it each and every night unlike most prescription and OTC's out on the market. And there are no after or side effects from using this. It also comes with earplugs and eyeshades for those who can't sleep with any light around. Or are you a vampire like my husband. Too much light is bad.

This is good for all insomniacs in your life. I know my husband will be using this TONIGHT! He has such bad insomnia. And we even have the blackout curtains.

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Sleep Easily is as easy as taking a pill but without the after effects. Why? Because you will naturally fall asleep and you will not have drugs in your system the next morning.
The small mini audio player rests beside you while you sleep. It talks you through five physical triggers that will get you to sleep in less than 23 minutes.

It is so much easier to take than a pill and I fall asleep faster and easier and if I wake up during the night it is no problem. I don't have to suffer the rest of the night. I just turn this mp3 player on and put my headphones and I fall back to sleep within a few minutes and I don't suffer the tiredness from being awake the rest of the night nor do I wake feeling refreshed.


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