I cannot believe that spring is already here and Easters tomorrow , where did the time go. So what are some great ideas to cook for easter dinner, I remember mommy making ham, corn , mashed potatoes and some rolls.

One great idea is Maple ham , all you really need to do is add some maple syrup 100% maple syrup not corn syrup and let it soak in it over night and that will give it the maple taste. This will make your ham sweet and delicious and all your family and friends will love it.

A great side dish is sweet potatoes and mini marshmallows, who doesn't like that all you have to do is add the minis to the top bake them and your going to make everyone happy.

Then of course its the desert weather home-made or store brought any Easter desert will make a kid happy, we use to have a bunny cake mommy made and till we were old enough to do it ourselves she did it.

Anything you can think of to make your holiday a warm and inviting one will make everyone happy.

Happy Easter All

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