Most of us could probably use a bit more exercise. There’s no point denying it. Nor is there any point in judging yourself for it. Life is all kinds of busy. If you have school, work, kids or commitments, it can already be a balancing act. We’re not trying to take that valuable time you get to yourself every evening. No, we’re going to look at how you can slot exercise into your life without too much effort. Even adding ten to twenty minutes a day can have tremendous benefits for your health. So, here’s what we’re going to do.


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Hop on the bike

If you need to get somewhere, then do it the healthy way. We know intense cycles can leave you all sweaty, but if it’s a trip you can return quickly from, then do it. Or take a more leisurely pace. It’s still healthier and cheaper than hopping in a car. Plus, cycling’s just fun. It’s also a great way to get out and explore a little. Tubus racks can give you a lot more space on your bike, so you can actually go out and get things done, too. Now running errands will take less time, less money and do you a lot of good.

Kids play on Morro Strand State Beach by skiping rope which actually is a giant kelp strand
Kids play on Morro Strand State Beach by skiping rope which actually is a giant kelp strand


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Exercise with the kids

It is not difficult at all to let our fitness routines slips when the kids are involved. God knows they take plenty of time themselves. But getting them involved in fitness at a young age can give them something to do and keep you healthier, too. We all want our kids to be more active, so play a role in it. Lead by example and start getting them into exercise. By setting them up with the habit young, you’re doing them a whole lifetime of good. Just expect a little resistance at first.


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At the office

Besides kids, this is what’s going to take up most of your day. Whether it’s at school, doing coursework or in your job. Many of us spend a lot of time at the desk. Besides posture and repetitive strain, we all know the dangers of that much time spent idle. So find ways to make it less idle. Some of the methods are a little less inconspicuous, like using exercise balls at work. But if you don’t want to look like you’re distracted at work, there are some more secretive methods to adopt as well.

Tai chi fundamentals class

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Parked in front of the TV

I know, we promised we weren’t going to take your precious relaxation time away. And we won’t, either. We will, however, have you make use of it. On average, people tend to spend anywhere from three to five hours in front of the TV. We can’t blame you, we love it, too. However, if you use even a third of that time to be active as well, then you’re making serious contributions to your health. Find ten minutes a day to add some activity to your life. Then, bit by bit, keep adding it up. You might find yourself getting fit without any need for a hard-core regimen.

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