Easy Tips To Store Your Adult Toys

Adult toys are more popular than ever, with an estimated 45% of adults owning them. While each person can figure out ways to use their toys, caring for them is a different story. Washing, storing, and maintaining toys will ensure they are safe and have maximum longevity. Whether you own one of these or many, it's important to make sure you're practicing the best care possible to keep them in great shape for years to come.


  1. Clean First


Before storing your sex toys, it's important to clean them. The way you do this can depend on your body and what you're comfortable with. Some people prefer to wash them with soap and water while others will use specialty cleansers that are meant for sensitive areas. Once you're finished washing, allow to air dry or dry with a lint-free towel. By making sure your toys are clean and dry, you won't have to worry about bacteria building up while not in use.


  1. Invest in a Storage Box


There are many sex toy storage boxes readily available on the market today. These are great for individuals who prefer more discretion and would like their belongings kept away from others. The features of each box vary depending on the brand and model. Drying racks, locks, and charging holes are just a few of the features that you might want to look for. The drying rack is especially useful if you'd like a private place to store toys as they are drying.


  1. Temperature-Controlled Storage Bag


Specialty sex toys, such as those made out of glass available at Erotica Cairns, need to be stored in a warm environment so you can quickly use them without being too cold and uncomfortable. These bags are small and will gently warm the toys inside so they are the perfect temperature for your next use. These are expensive but well worth it for the comfort they provide.


  1. Padded Bag


When it comes to keeping your sex toys hidden at home, your bedside drawer just won't do. Instead, keep them safely stored in a soft padded bag that will protect them from falls and prying eyes. Most of these bags are covered in rich velvet so they look beautiful and can easily blend in with your existing decor. When buying, make sure the lining is moisture-proof to prevent mold growth and ensure your toys stay safe.


  1. Canvas Bag


Don't leave your favorite toys in a plastic bag for anyone to find. Instead, place them gently in a canvas bag that you use specifically for these items. Each toy will have its own compartment so nothing has to touch, which reduces the chances of damage. Most bags also clip closed for security, so dropping the bag won't result in your toys falling out for everyone to see.


Additional Options for Travel:


  1. Nylon Bag


If you don't need a storage bag that offers a luxurious look for maximum discretion and style, then a nylon bag will easily do the trick. In addition to being affordable, these bags are very easy to find and are waterproof. If you need to store lube or anything else that might get messy, you won't have to worry about it ruining the bag. It's also great for travel since it's lightweight and easy to fit just about anywhere.


  1. Small Trunk


Last but not least, a storage trunk that's generally meant for cosmetics is an excellent option for sex toys. Since the drawers on these are normally lined with felt or velvet, they will provide each of your toys with a safe and sturdy environment. Some trunks even roll, so you can take an abundance of options with you on your next trip. The compact size also makes it easy to tuck away in your closet away from view.


Storing Your Toys the Right Way


If you want to keep your sex toys for a long time to come, then keep the storage tips above in mind. These will help prevent damage to your belongings while keeping them fresh and clean until the next use. The price of storage options will vary, making it easy to find something that fits within your budget.


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