Easy Ways to Prep Your Bedroom for Summertime

With summer fast approaching, the conditions for getting a good night’s sleep are about to undergo a shift. Whereas warmth is the name of the game during the frosty winter months, sleeping comfortably throughout the summer generally requires cooler temps. Fortunately, prepping your sleeping space for the onset of summer doesn’t have to be an arduous undertaking. A little bit of forward-thinking and follow-through can go a long way in enhancing the quality of your summertime slumber. So, if you’re looking to get your bedroom shape for the return of warm weather, put the following pointers to good use.


Install a Dependable Ceiling Fan 

When it comes to sleeping comfortably in warm weather, a dependable ceiling fan is an absolute must. The right ceiling fan will be able to provide you with a cooling breeze all night long, setting the stage for countless comfortable evenings. When shopping around for the right bedroom fan, look for ones that boast a variety of rotation speeds, user-friendliness and long lifespans. For additional convenience, keep an eye out for ceiling fans that are able to be controlled remotely, as this will enable you to effortlessly adjust the rotation speed throughout the night.  

In addition to installing a reliable ceiling fan in your bedroom, you’ll need to make proper use of the device in order to enjoy its full benefits. For example, during the summer months, it’s recommended that you adjust ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise, as this creates a cooling effect. Failure to take this step is liable to result in the circulation of hot air, which won’t do much to relieve nighttime discomfort. 

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows 

Many of us believe that as long as our windows are closed, air is unable to escape our homes. While it’s true that closing windows can prove helpful at sealing in air, it is by no means an end-all solution. Even if your windows are securely shut, the air from your home will gradually find its way outside as outdoor air gradually finds its way indoors. Needless to say, if you live in an area that’s prone to extreme temperatures, this can have a considerable impact on your overnight comfort levels. 

In the interest of nipping escaped air in the bud, consider installing energy-efficient windows in your sleeping space – if not every area of your residence. Unlike traditional windows, which generally only feature a single pane, energy-efficient windows are equipped with multiple panes. This ensures that air has to work a lot harder to escape – or enter – your home and can be a boon to your monthly cooling costs. While it’s true that these windows come with a higher price tag than standard-grade windows, the level of convenience and long-term savings they offer more than justify the additional expense. As an added bonus, energy-efficient windows are sure to come in handy throughout the frosty winter months, as well.      

Invest in Warm Weather Bedding 

Using the same bedding year-round may save you a little money, but it can prove extremely detrimental to your overnight comfort. Sleeping with sheets and comforters that are designed for cool temps during the summer months will leave you sweating throughout the night and severely diminish the quality of your slumber. You can get on top of this issue by investing in bedding designed with warm weather in mind. 

In your search for the perfect summertime bedding, keep an eye out for light, breathable materials. Linen, for example, is extremely breathable, contains natural cooling properties and adeptly wicks moisture. Furthermore, linen acts as a natural temperature regulator and insulator, which can also prove helpful in keeping your warm during cold nights. Linen bedding can be particularly helpful for people who sleep with partners with vastly different temperature preferences.   

Getting a peaceful night’s rest during the balmy summer months is quite a different undertaking than it is during the icy-cold winter months. Due to the extreme heat synonymous with summer, sleeping comfortably during this time of year generally requires convenient cooling aids. Luckily, acquiring these items and prepping your sleeping space accordingly should prove neither challenging nor costly. So, if a good night’s sleep during the summertime has proven consistently elusive, don’t hesitate to put the measures discussed above to good use.   

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