Pour Over Coffee Made for Me

I have been trying to opt out of the k cup system and get into something more affordable, fresh, and easy to brew. Looking into a pour over system, I’ve come across the EasyR coffee maker. It is definitely a brew system that provides a richer coffee flavor that my palette enjoys. I really don’t like using the paper filter to brew coffee, because I can taste the residue, so using something that doesn’t need paper filters rates highly in my standard.

Reduce The Waste

The EasyR does not use paper filters, eliminating the waste of paper and money. Instead, it has a mesh steel strainer, which is more eco-friendly and hygenic. All I throw away after using this is just the coffee grounds, which I use anyway to blend into my compost pile to make fertile soil. Even though this is glass, the handle is heat resistant and very sturdy. I have not felt a burn from the hot water. The glass is very thick, so it holds a sturdy design that won’t easily shatter from a minor tap. The set even comes with a neoprene sleeve cover that keeps my coffee hot as well as act as a shock absorber.

Convenient and Taste Great

The steps for this pour over coffee is so simple. First, put medium ground coffee in the filter. You can get ground coffee at any super market or coffee shop. Next, slowly pour hot water over the grounds. The coffee will begin dripping through the mesh strainer immediately. Once all the water has penetrated through, you would simply remove the filter and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee at the bottom. I plan to take my EasyR with me to work and to weekend hotel trips, since I don’t need much to operate it. I think this would work well for camping trips too. For me, it brewed a perfect cup and a half.

Stays the Perfect Temperature

The EasyR is a 14 ounce pitcher that can hold hot or cold drinks, versus just coffee alone. I love that, because I enjoy putting orange juice in it, when I am serving breakfast to my family. The temperature holds well, either way for hot or cold beverages. I have also seen other types of pour over coffee makers before but none have a cover lid. This one has a very cute cover warmer to put on the top that keeps the coffee nice and hot. Even with just sitting on the kitchen counter for an hour, my coffee still is hot, as long as I have left the cover warmer on. It is perfect for me as a mother who is always on the go and needing something convenient. 

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