Recently I received the eat smart precision max view glass digital bathroom scale.it turns on with step on technology. The scale has a quick response 4.5 digital LCD display. I was a little nervous about the scale being glass. I guess I am use to the old scales when they were medal and had the dial with the arm that moves. I actually think that's the one I still had in my bathroom. Well, I can tell you by having this set up in my bathroom it has made me aware that yes I need to start watching what I eat.


And yes eat smart I have been trying to do. I walk in the bathroom and just step on the scale and it tells me if I have been good or bad. The scale has energy conserving shut off. Maximum weight is 400 pounds. I like the design it fits in with my bathroom. It looks nice but also is there to tell me to keep watching what I am eating and that I need to eat smart and healthier. The scale is precise. It had the same weight as the doctors office. I am definitely getting rid of my old scale and keeping the new. For more information click here.

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