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A Cookie for Everyone, Eat Me Cookies

Eat Me Cookies that You Want to Send Someone

My family is a very thoughtful one. We always look for ways on how we can support each other and make a person feel appreciated once in a while. On occasions, we love to splurge family with gifts, and one of those ideal gifts would be from Eat Me Cookies. Everyone in my family has a sweet tooth and we all love cookies, so when I heard of this brand, I had to have a cookie.


Eat Me Cookies is a company that does personalized cookie cakes. They are comical and fun to send and receive. You can create your own message or use a premed one off the website. They don’t however condone bullying, so that is not an option. They are twelve inches in size and a decent thickness to them, so you know you are eating a fun delectable cookie.

Vaccuumed Sealed Upon Arrival

They are designed to be shipped, and arrive to you vacuum sealed for freshness. When I received my Eat Me Cookie, I was impressed by the careful thought in packaging for keeping it as perfectly preserved as it could be. It was a nice tray so it made for a lovely presentation when you opened it up. The option for this cookie is being able to eat it as is or even warming it up for ten to fifteen seconds. 

Tender, Soft and Buttery

My first bite of the Eat Me Cookie was very enjoyable. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! I had a Funfetti cookie cake and I have never eaten anything so smooth, creamy, and perfectly tender. It felt like I was eating something so delicate, but it was definitely a cookie. The ingredients are very wholesome. The cookie was made out of flour, brown and granulated sugar, real butter, pure vanilla, corn syrup and sprinkles. But the execution was perfect.

A Cookie for Everyone

With every regular version of an Eat Me Cookie, there is a gluten free version too, minus the peanut butter version. There is the delicious chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie flavors. The Peanut butter cookie. Then there is a vegan chocolate chip cookie and a vegan sugar cookie. I appreciate that this brand really tried to accommodate everyone’s health needs. No one is left out!

Once received, it’s best to enjoy the cookies within five days, so that they can be fresh as possible.

Find out more at Eat Me Cookies / Instagram