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When you are busy planning your move and making sure everything will go smoothly, it’s less likely that you will think of how wasteful the moving process can be. You will be occupied with other things like looking for removalists, thinking of what home improvements you need to do before moving in. Being eco-friendly is the last thing you will think of.


But planning an eco-friendly move doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know exactly what to do, it doesn’t need to be an extra effort for you to make it happen. Below, we’ve listed some of the things that can help you have a more sustainable move.



  1. Donate, gift or sell as much as you can.


When decluttering your home for your move, you’ll surely discover a bunch of things that you no longer use or need. Instead of these items ending up in a dumpsite, why not find people who will be able to make use of it. 


Books you no longer want to bring with you can be donated to local hospitals, schools or charity libraries. If you have excess food, donating it to a local food bank will surely help people in need. Other items like those that are valuable to you but impractical to move, can be gifted to friends and family. Moving is a great deal of stress locally imagine moving across country to Ecoy Australia, all the stuff you want to take and know you can just donate it would be better, 


Or if you want additional funds for the move, you can also organize a garage sale and sell your items that are still in good condition.


    2. Re-use moving supplies that you already have.


Moving boxes is essential when moving. But it doesn’t mean you’ll have to buy new ones. You can source moving boxes from local grocery stores, or ask neighbours if they have some boxes they no longer use.


Also, you can use other materials as containers to some of your belongings. Be resourceful and look around your house. Suitcases, baskets, buckets, laundry hampers, and even trash cans can be used to hold smaller items you need to move.


You can use old blankets, towels, t-shirts, table cloth and other clothing material as cushions for your breakable items. You don’t need to buy bubble wraps, or you can at least reduce the use of bubble wraps for your move.



    3. Dispose of electronic waste and hazardous chemicals properly. 


If you have unwanted electronic items lying around your house, make sure to dispose of them properly. Most types of electronic waste can be recycled without a charge. There are government-funded schemes that aim to provide e-waste recycling services across Australia.


Hazardous chemicals can harm the environment and even humans if discarded improperly. This includes batteries, paints, pesticides etc. Some of these hazardous materials have instructions on how to be disposed of so make sure you read the label. You can also get in touch with your local waste management centre to who will take care of its disposal. It is also a good idea to give usable items to your neighbour who might be needing it.



    4. Hire a removalist who cares about the environment.


A lot of moving companies nowadays are doing their share in protecting the environment and so they are doing their best to be as eco-friendly as possible. They use energy-efficient vehicles, they have reusable packing materials, they plan their route efficiently to avoid wasting too much fuel.


So when planning for an eco-friendly move, consider hiring eco-friendly Upmove removalists too. And when there is a constant demand for an eco-friendly moving service, more moving companies will be aware and encouraged to switch to eco-friendly moving practices.



    5. Recycle moving supplies after the move.


Once you have done unpacking, avoid throwing away your moving boxes. You can use sturdy boxes to store some of your stuff. You can also bring your used cardboard boxes to recycle centres in your area.


It is still possible to be sustainable even in a wasteful process such as moving. You just need to be resourceful, the initiative to be sustainable and have a plan.

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