Eco sea tile has many different items to choose from. I had received coasters, wine stopper and travel mug. They all a re a matching set.
The coasters capture the natural beauty of shells as well as the luminescence of metal cuttings, these materials are set by hand in a clear, resilient epoxy resin to create our 4×4 coasters. A thick cork backing is added to keep table surfaces safe. Large shell and metal fragments produce a remarkable sense of depth in the coasters and create a stunning look for your home or office.

The wine stopper is heavy and durable. Just by picking up one of there wine stoppers you can feel the quality and hand finishing that created this product. The wine stoppers are a wonderful hostess gift or the perfect present for “the guy who has everything.” Silicone gaskets and thick chrome plating over zinc alloy provides a rugged piece that can easily be cleaned and will provide many years of enjoyment. They also offer a simple Lucite display stand which holds up to 6 wine stoppers. These exquisitely proportioned stoppers are 4 ¼” in length with a head diameter of approximately 1 ½” and weigh nearly 4oz.

There travel mugs really show off the natural beauty of the shells they use. The mugs feature high quality materials with a double walled design that is both simple and practical. They contain a stainless steel inner sleeve and rim combined with a clear, tough plastic outer case, and a pressure-fit no leak top that will stand up to rigors of daily travel. The tapered bottom insures these mugs will easily fit into most drink holders. Shells are attached with epoxy to the inner wall of the plastic case and combined with the space between the inner and outer wall provide effective insulation for your hot or cold drink.

EcoSeaTile LLC creates beautiful, unique looking products from reclaimed materials. All of there products are produced at our workshop in Kennebunk, Maine. EcoSeaTile has developed innovative ways to use waste shells and other materials that were previously discarded or hard to recycle. For years shells have been considered trash and relegated to landfills. After a lot of experimentation and painstaking trial and error Eco Sea Tile have developed a number of techniques that enable us to create a wide variety of molded products that create a stunning and eco-friendly look for your home or business.

EcoSeaTile is firmly committed to recycling and reuse. All products manufactured by EcoSeaTile contain over 50% pre-consumer recycled material. All products consist of over 50% recycled materials and all of our tiles meet LEED standards for environmentally friendly building materials. EcoSeaTile products are air cured and do not utilize a kiln, significantly reducing energy costs. They use recycled material in our packaging whenever possible and even our tile molds are made from recycled material. This is a great set. For more information click here.



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