The gambling industry still faces a lot of stigma and negative stereotypes, as do people who enjoy gaming. People are quick to pass judgement on those who enjoy betting or gaming, and especially quick to judge those who need help with a gambling problem.


To put it plainly, there is a lot of negativity surrounding gambling in popular culture.


There doesn’t need to be, though. In fact, recent reports and studies are shining a lot of positive light on the world of gaming and betting. A notable example of this is the Economic Impact Report, which shows the positive effects of online gambling being legalized in New Jersey.


New Jersey is often thought of as a trailblazer for gaming regulation and legalization in the United States. It’s got one of the busiest scenes for gambling, and started offering online gaming way before many other states even considered doing it. There are some states that don’t promote online gambling even to this day.


In 2013 New Jersey introduced online poker and other casino games, to wildly positive reception. The state followed this up by introducing sports betting and gaming in 2018, which caused a lot of debate and discussion- both within the state and outside of it.


This iconic report was released by iDEA, who are an association dedicated to supporting and analyzing the online gaming industry. The report has received a lot of media attention and caused a lot of discussion, both from a positive aspect and a negative aspect.


One of the most important aspects of this report is that it looks at the immense amount of jobs that the legalization of online gaming has created in New Jersey. On their website, iDEA boasts that the online gaming industry has bought in 6,660 new jobs in the state alone. This is an incredible number, and the impact that this could connote is fantastic.


It’s reasonable to assume that this immense number of new jobs will have boosted the economy in New Jersey somewhat, and helped a great number of people out of unemployment. This point is highlighted nicely in this NJ Online Gambling article.


Furthermore, a huge increase in job availability can lead to more people progressing and succeeding in their careers, which in turn can lead to greater rates of innovation and development. One of the best things about the gaming and gambling industry is that it’s constantly developing and evolving to meet the demands of new technology, which will only be furthered by the introduction of new, creative minds to the workplace.


Another important part of the Economic Impact Report to mention is the impact on local and state tax revenue. This is one of the biggest areas that New Jersey’s online gambling scene has influenced. The introduction of online gambling has bought in 259.3 million dollars worth of local and state tax revenue, which is an astounding amount of money.


Additionally, the report notes that the introduction of online gambling to New Jersey has not harmed the success rates of the casinos in the local area. This is something that a lot of people within the gambling industry were concerned about initially, but it appears that the legalization of online gaming has not negatively impacted the physical gambling scene at all.


This could be linked to the fact that online gaming seems to bring new people into the world of gambling. People who may never have considered visiting a casino before are being introduced to the glamor of gaming, and are thus making the effort to leave the house in order to try out new forms of gambling for themselves.


This intriguing report also goes over the fact that online gaming in New Jersey is now a lot safer and more regulated, as it requires identification and proof of age. Online gaming websites and applications will ask patrons to supply their address and social security number to ensure that fraudulent accounts aren’t created and that underage people don’t attempt to gamble.


These precautions may seem annoying for patrons or even intrusive to a degree, but they are ultimately vital for protecting customers and their data. Before legalization, there were plenty of fake websites, scammers and underage gamblers to be wary of.


Generally speaking, the Economic Impact Report is a fantastic read. It mitigates a lot of concerns surrounding online gambling, shines a brighter light on gambling institutions and provides plenty of hope for the future of the gaming world.



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