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We all know that turning twenty-one years old is an exciting thing! Why? That’s when we can legally drink alcohol. What I learned about myself is that I truly enjoy drinking vodka! My favorite is the Deep Eddy Vodka, because the flavor is strong and undiluted. Their bottle is distilled ten times to create the purest type of vodka. It’s just the way I like it! It is refreshing and I know that Deep Eddy Vodka is made with the finest ingredients.

Deep Eddy Vodka

The great thing about Deep Eddy Vodka is that the alcohol is produced in small batches. Meaning, it ensures the highest quality. The bottles contain forty percent alcohol each. They are made in Austin Texas. They use three important steps each time to create their world class vodka. First is distillation. They use column distillation to be able to make their vodka as pure as can be, ending up with a smoother tasting vodka. Next is the water. They use water from an aquifer deep in the earth. The next and final step is filtration. Deep Eddy is filtered over charcoal six times.

Great Smooth Flavors

Deep Eddy has a variety of vodka flavors available to choose from. However, I choose the plain vodka. I am the type who likes to mix it with club soda and garnish with a wedge of lime. Yet, at their store, there is also a delicious selection to choose from. The great flavor is Ruby Red. Real grapefruit is blended into the drink.

You can also choose Sweet Tea. Sweet tea is an Indonesian whole leaf black tea. This refreshing drink is lightly sweetened with local organic clover honey. Other flavors include, cranberry, lemon, peach, and orange.  Likewise, the orange flavor has such a fresh taste to it. You can make spiked mimosa with it by adding the Eddy Orange vodka with sparkling wine.

They have some cute merchandise. There are hats, t-shirts, posters and some cool fun swag!

Find out more at Deep Eddy Vodka | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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