The kitchen is among the most important rooms in any household. It’s where your catering is done and food is stored. The slightest blunder in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness can be disastrous to your health and that of your family. However, keeping the kitchen cleaner is also a demanding chore that many people dread. This is especially the case in the busy world of today where most people struggle with finding time for their own social lives. But it doesn’t have to be a painstaking experience as long as you observe discipline and know just how to make things easy. 


Here are some effective ways to ensure cleanliness in your kitchen.

1. Empty And Clean Your Sink

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners do is letting the sink pile up with dirty dishes. The bigger the pile gets, the harder and more frustrating it feels to get the dishes done. To maintain a clean kitchen, it is advisable to clean the dishes as soon as they’re used or as soon as you get the time to. Also, always ensure to keep your dishwasher empty and clean the sink thoroughly after doing the dishes. This is because if improperly cleaned, a dirty kitchen sink can quickly turn into a harbor for harmful pathogens, thus putting you and your family at a health risk. The same can happen if you don’t carefully watch what you send down the kitchen sink drain.

2. Keep Track of Your Trash Can

Trash cans have numerous benefits in our homes as far as hygiene and maintenance are concerned. Kitchen trash cans allow us to safely manage waste, and keep your kitchen clean and healthy. Mark Weir from says that trash cans are often overlooked and people tend to buy one without considering how valuable these cans are for our homes. For instance, trash cans made with stainless steel is easier to clean compared to some other materials, making it a great choice for a kitchen. Most importantly, remember to empty it regularly since when waste is left to sit there for long, it can be a breeding zone for mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. In some cases, it can also attract pests into your home, not to mention the nasty odors that may start to build up.


3. Deal with Spills On the Spot

Spills are a normal occurrence in the kitchen. When cooking, meal prepping, serving, and organizing things, spills of oil, detergent, water, soups, food, and other substances do happen from time to time. However, some spills can leave messes and stains that can be overly stubborn to get rid of, especially when not addressed in good timing. And let’s be honest, nothing can be more unwelcoming than pesky stains on kitchen walls, furniture, flooring, countertops, and upholstery. They make the meal room look unhygienic. It’s thus important to address stains as soon as you can to prevent them from becoming stubborn to remove, if not permanent. Don’t wait to spend hours scrubbing and scraping off a spill that you’d have removed with just a simple wipe using a wet cloth.

4. Adopt Cooking Discipline

For the lack of a better word “kitchen discipline” is an important factor as far as cleanliness in the meal room is concerned. Your cooking habits can determine how much cleaning you have to do and for how long. If, for instance, you’re spilling stuff all over when preparing your ingredients or cooking, cleaning after your kitchen work becomes much harder and time-consuming. On the other hand, if you’re focused on the task and are keen enough to avoid spillages, it becomes much easier. Additionally, it may also depend on how often you cook or prepare meals in your kitchen.

5. Deal with Leftovers Pronto

Do you want to keep your kitchen clean always? Well, make sure you remove leftovers and dispose of them as soon as you and your family are done with dinner. Depending on the kind of food you ate, some food leftovers can attract pests and pathogens really quickly. This is not to forget how unsightly it is when leftovers are lying around your kitchen counter or dining area.



Finally, keeping this well-organized in the kitchen is a great way to make it easy to clean around. Regularly clean the floors, walls, countertops, and keep everything where it belongs. With the above few pointers, you can ensure cleanliness in your kitchen, making it a healthier area for your family and attractive to your guests, so start cleaning!

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