Effective Ways to Give Yourself a Makeover at Home

Effective Ways to Give Yourself a Makeover at Home

It’s easy to fall into the same beauty routines. From the way we style our hair each day to how we do our makeup, these tasks become ingrained habits. Ultimately, this makes it difficult for us to try something new with our appearance and break the routine we’ve become so accustomed to. Try these ways to give yourself a makeover at home and embrace the possibilities for a new you.

Try a New Hair Style

When you get used to styling your hair a certain way, trying anything new can feel intimidating. The risk of what can go wrong often overrules your desire to experiment, and you end up with the same style just to play it safe. To quell some of that insecurity, start this process by researching which styles typically work best for your face shape.

After your fresh cut, you can further the transformation with a slight adjustment to the color. Though going from blond to brunette might be too drastic, dying your hair a few shades darker or lighter can make a huge difference in the way you look. Highlights and lowlights change the way the sun eventuates your facial features, and they can give you a more natural, sun-kissed look.

Get Creative with Your Wardrobe

Another great way to get a new look is to switch up your wardrobe. As you rummage through your closet, think about what colors you typically wear and what secondary colors you could use to make them pop. This can give you some flexibility with your style and allow you to experiment with what you wear. While certain pairings always look great together, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Give Your Lashes Volume

Faux eyelashes are highly sought after for their ability to instantly pump up an individual’s eyelashes. If you want this effect without worrying about the application, eyelash extensions work just as well. This process can leave your eyes looking bigger and make you appear more awake. With extensions, you can also customize your look by selectively clumping or separating your lashes with a pair of tweezers. Before you attempt to apply these extensions, however, it’s crucial you do your research and purchase the proper starter kits to avoid potential injury.

Add Color to Your Makeup Routine

Something as simple as a pop of color can draw more attention to your subtle features and make you appear more vibrant. If you want to keep a more natural appearance with your base makeup, consider changing your lip color to something more eye-catching. This look will maintain the natural glow you want, and you’ll still make an eye-grabbing statement with a bright lipstick.

Care for Your Smile

Your dental health can make a difference in your appearance. Not only can a brighter smile make you more confident, but it can also act as the perfect finishing touch to any look. That's why if you need a good dentist to help you out, check out the professional dental clinic in Thousand Oaks.  Though there are many teeth-whitening treatments out there, be sure to try a few dentist-recommended products at home first to save some money. It’s also crucial that you only use products approved by the FDA because some stain removers can cause damage your teeth’s enamel.

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