Numerous factors cause your skin to age, and you can control some of the factors while others are out of your control. You definitely can't control the natural aging process, and with time you might notice that your skin is getting thinner or drier. However, some factors affect our skin aging process that we can control. Your lifestyle choices and the environment are a few factors that cause premature skin aging. Here are some practical ways to slow down the skin aging process.

  1. Consider Treating your Skin

In case you have light peels, microdermabrasion, acne scars, or your skin has suffered from sun damage, laser treatment might help repair your skin. Besides, there are other effective procedures such as Botox injections that can improve your skin condition. Botox works faster on your skin, it's affordable, and the results will last for several months. You might be new to Botox; hence it's advisable to get more information on how the procedure works. Botox cosmetics is used in treating wrinkles found around the eyes, your smile and laugh lines, the forehead wrinkles, and those vertical lines between your eyes that appear whenever your eyebrows are furrowed. Besides, if you have acne, refrain from picking on it since it might appear as a wrinkle as your skin ages. There are things that can help blotchy skin can be treated, all you need are the right things. 

   2. Use Peptides and Antioxidants

Consider applying either peptides or antioxidants in the morning before you apply sunscreen moisturizing cream. You can also apply serums that contain the skin repair agents such as green tea, resveratrol, or grape seed extracts. Products that contain peptides and antioxidants will work to protect your delicate skin from damage Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex is a great product to help and make your face look great, 

   3. Dress in sun-protective clothes and wear a hat

Hats that have a broad brim are a perfect choice to protect your skin. If you spend most of the time outdoors, you should consider purchasing some sun-protective clothes. The clothes are specially treated to protect your skin from UVA and UVB.

   4. Avoid Smoking

Smoking tends to constrict the veins that supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and it also hastens the breakdown of collagen. Frequent smokers are at high risk of developing early wrinkles compared to non-smokers. With time, your fingers and nails will turn yellow as a result of smoking. Avoid smoking and protect your skin from the harsh effects associated with the norm.

    5. Consider using Sunglasses

Sunglasses will shield your eyes from the harsh effects of the sun and will protect the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes.

   6. Avoid Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption will dehydrate your skin, and it also dilates the blood vessels that supply blood to your skin. Drinking too much alcohol could result in the development of tiny pimples on your skin, and it breaks blood vessels that provide nutrients to your skin.


   7. Use Gentle, face wash Formulas

When cleaning your face, apply gentle formulas. If you have an acne breakout, it would be advisable to use gentle face wash formulas as opposed to dry acne cleansing. Wash your face gently and in a circular motion as opposed to aggressive scrubbing. You wouldn’t want to accelerate aging and irritate that sensitive skin by being aggressive!!

  8. Watch your Diet

Studies have revealed that consuming more vegetables and fruits could help prevent skin damage that often results in premature aging. Besides, other studies suggest that consuming meals packed with refined carbohydrates could accelerate your skin aging process. 

  9. After Sweating, wash your face

Sweating, especially when you have a helmet or a hat, will irritate your skin. It's therefore advisable that you should wash your skin whenever you sweat to prevent aging.

  10. Avoid using skin products that either Burn or Sting

Whenever your skin stings or burns, especially after applying a particular product, it would mean that your skin is irritated, and such a practice would fasten the aging process.

  11. Regular Exercises

Studies have revealed that regular exercise will boost your immune system, and it improves blood circulation. Regular exercising will give your skin that youthful glow that you desire.

  12. Consider Using Supplements

Omega 3 that's found in some sea creatures such as salmon could delay the aging process by keeping the skin moist at all times. Consider incorporating fish oil, fish products, or you could eat fish that will replenish your skin's oils. Besides, the supplements have an anti-inflammatory effect; therefore, your skin will appear younger all year round.


Anyone suffering from aging skin can benefit from making some lifestyle changes, and it's never too late to implement any of the above strategies. It would be best if you considered visiting a dermatologist who will prescribe the right procedure to improve your skin condition for extreme skin conditions.

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