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Dinomazing Egg Decorator

Yay! With all the lockdown going on and kids having to get creative to pass the time, I’ve decided to get my kids a Dinomazing Egg Decorator from Egg Mazing. I find the toys that carry an educational value as well as an enjoyment value is a great investment. 

Dinosaurs and Crafts rolled into One

The Dinomazing Egg Decorator is for kids who enjoy being crafty! Actually it is also for kids who love dinosaurs and discovery! The beauty of this amazing toy is that first, there us an egg that is waiting to be hatched. When a child gets it, they can color it. Cracks in the egg become more noticeable and when the child is ready, he can crack open the egg. What he finds inside is pure fun! There is a slime bag filled with dinosaur parts. The child will excavate the dinosaur parts from the slime and assemble them together to discover which amazing dinosaur they got! I really love that the slime is not so sticky so it does not leave a mess go goo all over the place.

Great for every Age Group

First of all, this dinomazing toy is so much fun for all ages. I have tweens and they really enjoyed making their own art on the eggs. Luckily each toy comes with two eggs, so there is twice the fun. The dinosaur parts from the eggs can be mixed and matched between each other. 

Second, the eggs were so easy to color on! The machine needed four double A batteries to work, but that’s okay, we had them handy. Once in place, you turn on a switch at the side of the Dinomazing Egg Decorator on. Then there will be gear spinning which you can see, because of an egg shaped opening at the base where you lay your egg on top of. 

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Art Lines on Your Egg

The egg will constantly spin and at that point you color it with the fun bold markers included. There are six different colors all very good quality and with no smell. You grab the tip of the marker and place it on the egg as it spins and you will see lines loop around the egg creating such fun artwork. Use more than one color to get unique and colorful eggs. Even though we only had two, it was definitely worth the fun memories my children received from creating their own eggs with the Dinomazing Egg Decorator.

Thankfully on the Eggmazing website you have the option to order more spare eggs to have the ability to decorate more dinomazing eggs. As well as discover more unique dinosaurs. There are six different variations so it would be fun to collect them all. I don’t care if your child is a boy or girl, they will surely love this very fun dinomazing invention!

My kids will be using this Dinomazing Egg Decorator for years to come! I will be using it too!

Find out more about it at Dinomazing | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter  | YouTube

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