Eight fabulous reasons to love linen

If you haven’t jumped on the linen bandwagon yet, it’s time to get onboard! Linen fabric is synonymous with luxury, effortless style and comfort. While it’s a popular choice for summer clothing, you’re missing out if you haven’t dressed your bed with linen sheets before. There are many reasons to treat yourself and switch out your existing bedding for linen, and once you’ve given it a go, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever slept on anything else. If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, here are eight fabulous reasons you’ll fall in love with linen.

It’s all natural

Linen is made from flax – the first fibre used to weave fabric, with a history dating back thousands of years. Growing flax is very gentle on the environment as it requires a fraction of the irrigation, fertiliser or pesticides used to grow cotton, and the entire plant can be used so there is no waste. This makes it a totally natural, biodegradable and renewable resource. If minimising your environmental impact is important to you, choosing linen is an obvious choice.

It’s durable 

Flax fibres are typically longer and can be up to 30% stronger than cotton fibres, making linen a more durable and longer-lasting alternative to cotton sheets – in fact, linen sheets will be hitting their stride at around the same time that cotton sheets are starting to wear out. Whilst linen is certainly an investment, expect to get decades of enjoyment out of your purchase making it better value per use than cheaper alternatives. Traditionally, linen sheets were once considered family heirlooms to be passed down through the generations.   

It’s buttery soft

Rather than wearing out with age like some fabrics, linen actually gets softer and more comfortable to sleep on the more it gets washed and used. Don’t get discouraged if it feels a little scratchy the very first time you use it – soon, it’ll feel like your favourite pair of comfy jeans. Some linens are actually sold pre-washed to give you a head start on the process. Before long your sheets will be buttery soft and divinely comfortable. The microscopic breaks in the fabric will even give your skin a light massage as you sleep!

It’s brilliant for temperature regulation

If you often find yourself getting sweaty with your existing bedding – or alternatively, struggling to stay warm – you’re going to love linen. It is brilliant for temperature regulation, keeping you cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. If you share your bed with a partner and find you sleep at different body temperatures, it’s perfect for keeping you both happy.

Just like your most-loved linen shirt, linen sheets are breathable and wick away moisture, which makes it divine to sleep between. You’ll find you’re getting better quality sleep and staying asleep longer because your temperature no longer fluctuates throughout the night.

It’s hypoallergenic

Do you suffer from allergies? You’ll be thrilled to know that linen has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, and is believed to be resistant to dust mites and fungus. If you’ve been struggling with sleep issues due to sensitivities, switching to linen may well give you the restful sleep you’ve been craving.

It looks amazing

There’s a very simple reason that home staging companies frequently use linen bedding for open homes – it just looks great. Linen bedding is now available in a wide range of different colours, making it easy to fit your decor, no matter your style. Whether you prefer neutrals, a coastal vibe, lots of colour, or richer tones, it’s easy to buy linen that suits your home. Because the texture is so simple it lends itself to being layered with blankets, throw pillows and other fabrics to create the bed of your dreams.

It’s easy to take care of

Another bonus of linen is that it’s inherently practical – easy to care for and quick drying. Like other fabrics, linen can be machine washed and tumble-dried or hung on the washing line. Use mild detergent and steer clear of bleach to get the best out of your sheets.

Is there another fabric where wrinkles are actually part of the charm? If you love a more casual and relaxed style, unironed linen has an effortlessly rumpled look that fits the lived-in vibe brilliantly. Of course, if you prefer a more sophisticated look, it’s also easy to press. 

It makes for a great gift

Stuck choosing a present for an engagement, wedding, or significant anniversary? Linen bedding makes for a luxe gift. Ditch the generic cotton sheet sets and show the people you’re buying for that you truly care. Thanks to its longevity, you know they’ll get many years of enjoyment out of them.

While choosing linen sheets might seem expensive at first blush, it’s safe to say that the many benefits to your sleep quality and overall wellbeing easily justify the initial outlay. The great news is that once you’ve stocked your cupboard with linen, its long-lasting nature means you’ll get to enjoy it for many years to come. Once you’ve experienced the pleasure and elegance of sleeping in linen you won’t want to try anything else.

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